Zen Out Your Holidays

“For fast acting relief, try slowing down.”
~ Lily Tomlin

Tis the Season to Amp It up!  I’m not sure if you’ve felt the crunch yet, but it is On in our home. In the midst of it all, I didn’t get this Sunday weekly posted on Sunday. I want to send you this timely message our today…And I need to hear it myself!

Are you among the majority of people who feel the extra stress to your system at this time of the year?  Or, are you skilled at taking care of yourself so you have the energy to enjoy your friends and family with ease?

If I told you that the holidays don’t create extra stress, would you believe me?

Well, this is true!        The holidays don’t create stress.         WE DO!

All the time, yet especially during the holiday season, managing our energy is a top priority. If  we want to enjoy our time with friends and family, and have the emotional resources to deal with the fullness of the season, it is up to us to be extra mindful of how we manage our time and our stress.
Stress amplifies when we:

  • Pressurize ourselves by over-doing, over-spending or over-indulging.
  • Fuel our anxiety by worrying and attempting to control the future.
  • Create expectations of how our family and friends need to show up for us to be comfortable.
  • Obligate ourselves rather than do what works for us.
  • Fail to ask for the support we need.
  • Refuse to set boundaries with ourselves and others.

If you are a holiday stress junky and would like to do it differently this year, consider taking on a new attitude and implementing new strategies to decrease stress:

1. View the holidays as a time of connection, celebration and gratitude.

2. Respect friends and family exactly as they are. Wishing people to be different than they are is a waste of precious vitality. And, who are we to judge how others ‘should’ be anyway.

3. Be willing to show up as a generous Blessing. Meet every situation by asking yourself, “How can I offer my love and support here?”

4. Set personal boundaries around your time and attention to manage your energy.

5. Simplify each day by releasing routine tasks to make space to manage the extra festivities.

6. Make a budget and stick to it.

7. Take extra downtime to regenerate your batteries on a daily basis.
Breathing exercises, meditation, exercise and a good night’s sleep are the best ways to fuel you.

It is my hope that the ease you create this holiday season will fill your heart with the true spirit of the holidays ~ Love.

I’ll be breathing with you ~

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