“Face your life, its pain, its pleasure, leave no path untaken.”
~ Neil Gaiman

I suspect you’ve tapped in to the tumultuous winds of upheaval in our country over the past few weeks. I know I have. The collective consciousness has been and still is stirred up in a palpable way. Reactions, strong opinions and feelings are heightened as our world is in turmoil and transition.

Last weekend our Ojai women’s circle shared our responses to the election. The circle became a container for the different points of view and feelings that were expressed. There is power in holding heart space for all to arise-to be seen and heard. And, this is what we do in circle ~ We Listen!

From my perspective, Listening is the highest form of Love. When we listen without judgment and allow all energies to arise, healing takes place. Greater awareness comes on line. We shift from feeling separate to connected. We become more deeply integrated with our unique ray of light, and with the whole of humanity.

It’s time we all Listen Up!

No matter what position you take or how you feel about this changing of the guard, so to speak; remember that you always have choice. You may not have choice about what happens outside- you do have choice as to what you experience inside. This takes listening power.

If you are excited about the changes taking place in our country, enjoy that state.

However, if you are one of the many who are experiencing discontent, you have a choice as to how to deal with it.

1. One choice is to focus on the lower angels of fear, anger and worry. You can focus on the injustice you feel or the drama that swirls around. You can fuel your frustration with resistance and rebellion, adding to the collective discontent. However, if you choose to sustain these energies, you will suffer.


2. You can fully feel your disappointment, sadness, anger and rebellion, meeting all the emotions that run through you with your self-compassion. You can feel those sensations, breathe into them and let go of any story you have about them. And, most likely you’ll begin to notice these feelings pass through. You’ll feel clearer. Every emotion you meet with compassion eventually dissipates.


3. You can choose to step up and move on and Raise Your State!  Asking yourself:

  • “What can I do to create more harmony within me?”
  • “How can I give my gifts to the situations in the world that need healing? “
  • “How can I shine my light into the suffering of those around me?”
  • “Who could use my compassion?”
  • “What do I stand for?”

Remember this:
 What you Focus on Grows!

I’m choosing to focus on greater self-care at this time.
I’m choosing to focus on my faith, knowing I will meet the moments that arise with the best of me.
I’m choosing to focus on greater loving.
I’m choosing to focus on my gratitude for the life that I live.

What are you going to focus on this week? You have choice!

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