Soul Involution Sessions


“God in heaven becomes the God in nature; the God in nature becomes the God who is nature; the God who is nature becomes the God within the temple of this body; the God dwelling within the temple of the body becomes the temple itself, becomes the soul and man… That ideal of freedom you perceived was correct, but you projected it outside of yourself, and that was your mistake. Bring it nearer and nearer, until you find it was all the time within you, it was the Self of your own self. “   -Vivekananda


The path of the soul has two primary trajectories.  The first is the Evolutionary process wherein the soul takes on ever more complex forms until it reaches the human form, within which it is possible to know itself as God/Spirit.  Once the human form is gained, the Involution process is where the soul turns back inward and begins its journey to know itself- to see itself as God, to know the God state which it always was, but was unconscious of it.

The journey of the soul to reach this knowing is a long and winding road.  Doug’s Soul Involution Sessions are a means to assist and speed up this journey, to take a few bends out of the road.

These sessions are about bringing the awareness, and thus integration, to all levels of your being.  The physical body of material existence, subtle body of energy where the emotional nature is experienced, to the mental realm of ideas, beliefs, ego and habits, to the the soul level which encompasses these three as well as the fourth state that is referred to using words like eternal, one, infinite, unity, Self.

Each session is very unique, so a detailed description of what occurs can’t be given.  Each session is an adventure into the depths of yourself.  However, some general themes that have arisen in sessions include- connecting with inner plane masters and teachers who work with you at the soul level through many lifetimes, soul travelling to worlds or planes that your soul calls home, removing karma that is allowed to be transmuted at this time, looking more deeply at the karmas that care currently playing out, giving the soul a boost to begin its next phase of growth, connecting to relevant past and future lifetimes, connecting to souls from past lives for integration or clearing of old energy.

All of these possible events are about one thing, and this is the real goal of these sessions; to experience the truth and bliss of your true nature, unhindered by the veils of body, mind and ego. It is my aim to give you an experience of yourself that is more expansive and deep than your normal experience of yourself.

The truth of your being, the desire for which is the root of every single externalized desire you have ever had, will be brought into sharper focus.  Only when you experience, not just believe, but experience the truth of yourself, will the perplexities of life be smoothed out, will the confusion be cleared, will you experience peace and contentment.  Beliefs and ideas will always fall short of satisfying this deepest of desires- you must experience the truth of your eternal nature.

How these sessions unfold is completely up to your soul and your soul teachers. You lie on a massage table fully clothed and I hold your head in my hands to open the space. I am a conduit that opens the door and brings a voice to what is occurring during the session.  I create the energetic space, but your soul and teachers determine what happens. The process is a wonderful alchemy.

Charge per session is $150.