Wield Your Sword with Practiced Skill

Discrimination is an important skill to cultivate. It is like a sword that cuts away that which no longer serves well-being, health and integrity, and points us in the direction that uplifts and nurtures life. The warrior’s sword is ruthless, yet compassionate, as it defines what works and what doesn’t work to Raise Our State.

Picking up the sword can be challenging when we are attached to needing approval and acceptance from others. If we are habituated to falling into character roles, rather than acting from our authenticity, it can require a lot of practice to use our sword. We might even feel selfish and uncaring when we use it to say ‘no more’, ‘this is enough’, ‘not now’ or ‘good-bye’. It takes courage to move away from what is familiar, but no longer serves; and courage to go in new and different directions.

This week use your awareness to check out the condition of your sword. Is it a little rusty or is it sharp and polished? Do you know when to cut away obligations and commitments that needlessly tax your energy? Do you know how to release relationships that infect you with struggle and suffering? Can you allow your sword to say a firm “No,” in spite of what others may think or whether they agree with you?

Be discerning and point your sword in the direction that enhances peace, balance and connectedness in your heart. From your own peace you uplift the world around you.

You become a messenger of peace.


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