Why Make the Tweaks?

“Success comes from taking the initiative and following up…persisting…eloquently expressing the depth of your love.”

                                  ~Tony Robbins

In a world of big ideas, sensational movies, swift moving internet connections, the ‘wow’ factor of TV commercials, and increased intensity everywhere…
Do our subtle, small consistent daily efforts count?

It’s a Resounding Yes!

I’m talking about the little steps we take everyday to do what we set out to do. Or, each time we choose to shift our attitude from being right to forgiveness. Or, when we put our focus on what we choose to focus on, rather than let our mind run wild with a story.

Each time we keep our word to ourselves and to others, these mini-moments of impeccability count. The incremental efforts we put in to build momentum in the direction we want to go make a difference.

These small daily tweaks Raise Our State.

When people hear of our brand – Raise your State, they  often ask me “What does it mean to Raise Your State?”  And Why? Why does anyone want to, or need to Raise Their State?

Well, My 1st answer to this question is always…. it’s a choice!
And secondly…my answer is…it really works.

If you desire to live authentically with yourself and others…or if you choose to free yourself from the barriers to loving and being loved…or if you choose to have more peace and less stress…raising your state is a good choice.

You raise your inner state through incremental efforts that keep your heart open to greater states where love and peace reside. Each moment of awareness where you have choice to take the high road of your heart and integrity, you heighten your state.

Raising your state is not about becoming more perfect. Or, adding anything to who you are. Isn’t everyone striving enough already? Yet, it is a taking away… an unwinding of the conditioning, or mental programming that separates you from your heart. This can be done through the small daily efforts you make to keep your eye on the focus of Love.

Your little tweaks matter!  And your state matters because your choices are made from the state you are in at the time you make them.

What little tweaks might you make this week that will bring you closer to your heart?

With Love

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