What’s On Your ICloud?

“The greatest thing you can do for another human being is to get your own house in order and find your true spiritual heart.”

~ Ram Dass

Contrary to popular belief, life and people don’t cause us to suffer needlessly—our mind is the Cause! Yep, it’s not those unruly kids, that challenging partner, or the ornery boss. It is our minds attachment to our expectations, opinions, judgments, stories, outcomes and beliefs that creates our discontent.

The Key word here is Attachment!

The Key message here is We Are The Cause!

If you find yourself wrestling with a grumbling sense of unhappiness, or wishing you could change everything up and run off to a far away land, there are other solutions.

One way to get free from the angst of a troubling mind is to step back and cultivate ‘witness consciousness’. This is a level of awareness that already resides within you. It is a neutral observer that operates by perceiving things for what they are, rather than attach an interpretation to what is perceived.

Your witness has the ability to be aware of everything—watching, noticing, not judging and being present to the moment—right now. It is unaffected by emotional coloring or personal history. Your witness is that the big Sun in your heart that presences life with compassion.

As you Gain Witness Consciousness you become Aware that you are the

‘Sun gazing through the Clouds’

Think of yourself as the Sun ~ the source of Love within you. Your Sun shines all the time and yet it is obscured by clouds—your attachments. These clouds disrupt our clear vision of life. They are the stories and lies we tell ourselves to reinforce suffering. Often they beef up our victim-stance–and we may think there is no way out!

Humans have this unique ability to be in two states of consciousness at once. Your Sun is the part of you that is awake, and it coexists alongside your mental/emotional consciousness. The more we recognize we are that awakened state, the easier it is to be the witness of our own mind and the witness of life. And, the less we suffer with our minds attachments to the stories we make up about what we perceive.

One of my favorite mantras is: “It Is What It Is”

This is the Witness speaking. This is the Sun shining on life. No clouds obscuring your clear vision. The Sun simply doesn’t argue with ‘what is’.

Your witness is a brilliant ally to assist you in Raising Your State. Witnessing is like waking up in the morning and then looking in the mirror and noticing yourself — not judging or criticizing, just neutrally observing the quality of being awake.

When you employ your witness, it will reveal the intricacies of your internal state. It is aware you are sleeping and aware of your thoughts and feelings. It illuminates your brilliance; the subtle qualities that light up your eyes. It also shines on the denser energies that weigh you down and dim your aliveness. This witness is a bright clear observer that heightens your awareness.

Awareness is Gold!

Without awareness you can’t recognize which voices are fueled by fear; nor sense the energetic impact these fear-laden voices have on your life. You’ll hear what you have always heard, believe what you have always believed and do what you have always done.

Without awareness you sleep in the darkness of your mind, your life shrouded by illusion. You can’t see the ways you lower your state. You are blind to your unhappiness, even when it looms larger than life.

Of all the tools available to Raise Your State, Witness Consciousness is imperative. It puts you in touch with being in alignment with your true self. Ultimately, it supports you in releasing the attachments to your minds exhausting stories. You begin to rest in to “It Is What It Is” and this acceptance leads you to meet life with more clarity and ease.

As you know yourself as the Sun, you’ll live in deep appreciation and gratitude for all life. You’ll see the gifts and beauty everywhere look.

This week ~ Shine On

I’ll be shining with you.

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