What Will Your Soul be feasting on this Thanksgiving?

I remember sitting in the Pyramids of Teotihuacan when my teacher asked us three simple questions:

What does the soul need?

What feeds it?

What grows it?

Honestly, I don’t think I’d ever thought about what my soul needed before that day. I was too busy orchestrating my big important life. I was in a first class seat on the Ego Train, moving down the tracks where stress and unhappiness pervade the atmosphere. I was out of balance and overwhelmed and moving pretty fast.

Apparently, I had already boarded the Soul Train without consciously knowing exactly how or when I had changed tracks.  This train travels on more peaceful tracks. It’s large windows offer a bigger view of the whole of life. The lovely people on this train are genuinely happy and not in such a hurry to arrive!

On that day, in 1988, I found myself on a soul journey, traveling with strangers, in foreign land, with a teacher that could barely speak English. He opened my awareness and I was stretched to open to a greater reality. I discovered new ways to stay off the stress bound Ego Train that perpetuated my stress and unhappiness.

I’m thrilled I bought a ticket for the Soul Train. Riding these tracks, I discovered what my soul needs, what feeds it, and what grows it. I discovered…


This spiritual journey marked a huge turning point in my life. I refocused my attention toward nourishing my soul. Since that time, my life and my life’s work is about growing Love in all its forms; self-love, personal love in relationships, the impersonal love that pervades all life, divine love, the love of simple things, the love within the difficult spaces, the love of challenge and stillness.

If you choose Love to nourish your soul, you must stretch through and beyond layers of fear and protection to open to Love’s great expanse. This requires willingness, courage and fortitude to switch tracks. You employ your self-effort to dismantle the personal importance you developed on the Ego Train to arrive centered in your heart on the Soul Train. This is where all the Brilliant Powers that ignite your happiness lie.

Love pervades everything. It Raises Your Soul Capacity.

On occasion, I take a break from Love (not on purpose)…And, I’ve found it SO painful! When my judgment overrides forgiveness, my selfishness replaces generosity and my laziness trumps my inner discipline, my heart closes down. This reminds me to go back and take a comfy berth on the Soul Train.

Love keeps us on the Soul Train.

Our Raise Your State community is traveling on the Soul Train. Doug and I are committed to our own evolution and assisting others in deepening into states of consciousness where this great Love exists.

We are ever so grateful that you share this soul path with us. Whether you ride with us through the weeklies, join us on a journey or workshop, or a private coaching or healing session, we experience the love that pervades this community of soul seekers. Your connection with us feeds our souls and we are thankful.

We hope you have a very blessed Thanksgiving feeding yourself with the love of family, friends and great food.

Gratitude Raises everyone’s Soul Capacity!

Sending you Big Gratitude from the Soul Train,

Victoria and Doug

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