What Tunes are you Playing?

“If you realized how beautiful you are, you’d fall at your own feet.”

~ Byron Katie

Do you feel the dance party going on right inside of you? It’s a dance that you choreograph every minute of every day. Your thoughts and emotions are your tunes. Whether you generate music that offers a peaceful feeling or a stressful emotion your cells are generating a coherent electromagnetic field to dance together. When you pick up your baton to begin the symphony, it is wise to have awareness of just what you intend to play.

And, I’ll tell you why!

Studies show that every cell has its intelligence and every cell knows what every other cell is doing. They are all vibrating together in resonance, while still expressing their own unique function. Are your cells dancing a fluid, flexible routine that bathes you in a yummy feeling of well-being? Or, are they stressing to keep up with the latest hip hop maneuver, or maybe working on the Gangnam style–and causing you to feel tense and unhappy?

Each of us have the power to orchestrate our inner dance. We have the power to create a resonance that expands an inner flow of well being, or through lack of awareness and action, we can damn up the flow.

The denser energies of excessive worry, guilt and anger disrupt harmony in our whole body. Whether we express these energies outwardly or harbor them passively, they disrupt our inner music. Once disrupted, our body stops its fluid dance and begins to organize in a fragmented manner. Chronic illness, back pain, insomnia, stiffness and accelerated aging kick in.

On the other end of the spectrum of energy, all the Brilliant Powers expand the electromagnetic field and provide a soothing effect. They open up circulation and strengthen your heart energy. Your ability to express Love increases. And as you probably know:

Happiness is the result of expressing your Love!

A clear way to feel vital, strong and flexible is to commit to illuminate the Brilliant Powers that live within you. Make it a focus and practice to implement Courage daily. Live with consistent Forgiveness of every judgment you make about yourself or others. Know that Honesty, Acceptance and Respect strengthen your integrity, while Patience, Gentleness and Compassion deepen you into a peaceful state. Offering a consistent prayer of Gratitude and acting in life with Generosity will charge these super powers.

As you illuminate these Brilliant Powers your cells will create a beautiful resonance. You’ll discover the real dance inside. As you move with the light that is your true nature you’ll live with greater ease and peace.

This week, Amp Up Your Brilliant Powers and Get your Dance party on!

I’ll be dancing with you.


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