What Seeds Are You Planting?

“Every single blade of grass has an angel leaning over it whispering:  Grow, grow, grow.”  – The Talmud

Do you recognize the inner nudges whispering, or even shouting: Grow, grow, grow?

This is the You that seeks to experience freedom; the natural state that is unencumbered by identity, concepts or beliefs.

The greatness in you, the freedom in you is always seeking itself. If you listen closely, you will hear it now. It is always saying ‘yes’ to you.

Your greatness is here now, yet for many people, its’ magnificence is often squelched. The mind that replays the past, curses the present circumstances, and looks to what is not working blocks your view.

Is your greatness shadowed by complaint or do you know the power that gratitude has on your freedom?

If you identify with the mind that is always seeking something other than what is present now, you will suffer and Life will pass you by.

If you are not careful you will sleep your life away, getting by and creating more of the same!

Think of your mind as the gardener, planting seeds for your future. The ideas that you hold in your mind will grow the life that is coming to you. Thought seeds are just like the pumpkin seeds or pepper seeds you plant. Whatever you water with your attention will grow.

One of the quickest ways to sprout a beautiful garden is to focus on the beauty in your life. Take your attention off of what you don’t have or what is not working and put it on what you do have and what is working.

Today, invest yourself in thoughts and activities that lead to the life you want to live, rather than a life you want to avoid.

~ If you want peace, sprinkle peaceful thoughts and images into your waking dream.
~ If you want belonging and connection, choose intimate and loving words to speak into the relationship you have with yourself. Look for what is beautiful about you and your life. Watering relationships starts with appreciating the one that is right here. < br />~ If you want abundance, be generous with your own heart and feel how abundant you really are.
~ If you want to experience balance, focus your attention on all the various aspects of life that nurture you and raise your state.

This week, use your mind as a gardener. Use your awareness to water your thoughts consciously, knowing they will replicate.

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