We’re Freshened Up …

“The Rose is without an explanation; She blooms because She blooms.”
~ Angelus Silesius   
Dear Raise Your Staters ~ We appreciate you!

We thank you for connecting with our Raise Your State community in the way you do.

Whether you read our weeklies, send us questions and suggestions, join us on a  journey, call or come in for coaching and healing sessions, are part of our apprenticeship or dream circles, or meditate with us in our home–we appreciate you.

Communing with people who choose to expand into more Love and Peace is just the best game on the planet. Doug and I feel super blessed.

Our new website is complete…well unless you see snafu’s we don’t see. And, we’d love to hear your feedback.

You can check out our Home Page at https://www.raiseyourstate.com/wordpress/wordpress/

OR, if you want to go straight to the Goodies come on in and sign up for one of our transformational journeys this year at https://www.raiseyourstate.com/wordpress/wordpress/journeys/

OR, if you have some time to explore past weeklies on my blog go to https://www.raiseyourstate.com/wordpress/wordpress/blog/

Daily Facebook posts will show up on your feed if you join us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/raiseyourstate

So as I said last week, we leave this week for Rishikesh, India, the mother land of yoga, and the beautiful nature of Koh Mak,Thailand.

The energy is building. Upon waking this morning my expansive heart felt I was already there. One minor issue–our bodies must ride on a plane for 20 hours now. Wish us ease! I’ll be watching my download of the first season of Nashville. Hello all you Nashville lovelies:), I just love you’all, or however you write that sweet expression.

We hope you’ll check out our fresh beauty at Raise Your State. And, if you are so inclined, we would totally appreciate you helping us expand our reach to people you know might benefit from connecting with us. You can send them to our website and ask them to sign up for our mailing list so they can check us out. We’d appreciate your out reach.

Until March…
We send you our love and blessings.
Victoria and Doug

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