“Your environment has the power to emit light or drown you in darkness. Creating a vibrant sanctuary wakes you up to a brighter state.” ~ Victoria Allen

Vibrant Home ~ Vibrant Life

Feng Shui Principles to Create Balance & Vitality In Your Life

If you knew you could release stress, overwhelm, discontent or playing small, would you say, ‘Yes!’?

If you were offered a ‘Get Ready to Change it up Big Time’ Class, would you say, ‘Yes!’?

This is it!

Imagine your creative juices flowing and your inner fire ignited as you create powerful transformation in your life. I invite you to join me in this 9 week tele-class study course using Feng Shui principles to enliven your life. You will discover how your home directly affects your health, love life and abundance. Everything is connected.

I will coach you through a specific step-by-step, room-by-room process that will help you design a beautifully balanced home to Raise The State of your life. Heightening the energetic vibration in your outer environment increases connection and vitality inside of you.

The power packed dual focus of this class will give you teachings and tools to create a more balanced, peaceful, healthy you. You will:

* Gain applications to shift the energy in every room of your home, grounding your intentions and dreams.

* Be given a deeper understanding of the potency of balancing the elements to create harmony.

* Receive a study course of inner inquiry to awaken awareness as to how you are dreaming your life.

* Deepen your understanding of the law of attraction and the universal laws of energy.

This 9-module program includes: 9 Tele-classes every other week ~ Recordings of the class ~  Written materials to support focused action………PLUS 3 Special Bonuses

‘Get Ready to Change it up Big Time’

  • Balance ~ Create Harmony & Beauty                            
  • Strengthen Your Core ~ Enhance Personal Power
  • Excite Your Flow ~ Navigate Life With Ease
  • Fuel Your Fire ~ Shine Your Spiritual Essence
  • Stimulate Your Vitality ~ Be Healthy
  • Crystallize Your Focus ~ Polish Your Clarity
  • Romance Your Relationships ~ Shore Up Your Love Net
  • Get It On ~ Tango with Your Inner Male and Female
  • Plug In Your Electrics ~ Express Your Abundant Gifts

Thursdays:  5:30 pm PST for 75 minutes.  (Classes will be recorded)

New Schedule: Class begins September 2013

Cost: $397 for 9 weeks ~ Full payment or make 5 payments of $97 each.

BONUS # 1 ~  Receive a personal 30 minute Raise Your State Discovery session with Victoria to imprint your home with your unique essence.

BONUS #2 ~  Connect to a private Facebook page to share ideas and questions.

BONUS #3 ~  Two extra Q & A sessions where you have the opportunity to ask Victoria your personal questions.

“The things surrounding you in your home serve as subliminal reminders of who you are.” ~ Denise Linn

Orange Flower & 2 Black ButterflysAs a life coach, I inspire people to gain awareness of their true inner beauty to create an outer life that is vibrant and abundant. As a lover of beauty, I inspire people to balance their outer environment to shift their inner consciousness. Everything is alive and connected.

A deep inner impulse for freedom, love and happiness has propelled me on my life’s journey.  Change and growth and free-falling into many unknown spaces has taught me the ways of energy and how to re-create life again and again.  I’ve lived in many different spaces from large homes to small apartments. I have first hand, tried and tested, experience that everything is energy and everything affects everything else. Our outer world and inner world are merely reflections of one another.

As an Essential Feng-Shui Consultant, I’ve learned about elemental balance, placement and how to shake it up, recreate, tweak and balance my environment. Yoga training taught me mindfulness, and the necessity of staying grounded, fluid, flexible and gentle with myself. My spiritual teacher taught me the dynamics of energy, the power of belief, and how to truly love and flourish. I now teach from a well-rounded base of  knowledge and experience to offer tools to enhance the interconnectedness and beauty of life.

If you are ready to renovate and renew your inner and outer life to open to new possibilities for an expanded You, this study course will guide and support you. I invite you to join me and ‘Get Ready To Change It Up Big Time’.


“My eyes have opened wide since your class. I now see my environment as a mirror from which I can directly access more flow and harmony in my life. I thoroughly loved it. I look forward to a part 2 of this class.” Natalie J.

“With a busy life, being able to take a class from you in the comfort of my home is a Godsend. I’m not sure you know what a gift that is. I also felt the cost was incredibly reasonable and being able to download the class later helped me a lot.” Eileen K.

“It is powerful to experience gathering more of myself as I move objects and clutter and bring more conscious awareness to my home.  Energy shifts instantly. It also allows me to recognize any relationship that needs to end so that new ones can spring forth. I am so grateful for this knowledge. Everything is alive!” Mauri B.

“I was ready, and with Victoria’s guidance, I’ve started down a path that gives me more peace and love.” Kris M