Up Your Presence Men!


“Learn to love a woman, not for her body, not for her money, but for her heart. That is more precious than anything.”  ~ Kale Bell

There are surely a lot of things women don’t understand about their male partner – why he goes away, why he doesn’t stand present during her spouts of emotional electricity, and why he gets so frustrated or angry.

Men ~ Do you know about going away, avoiding, waffling and spewing your angst? And all the while, wishing she wanted more sex or was happier?

If so…

Consider that there is a stance you can take and a state you can live from that will impact you and your woman. You’ll gain greater strength and she will gain greater receptivity and appreciation of you.

Creating connection and dynamic sexual intimacy comes from the polarity of two opposites. While men generally lean toward the masculine side of the polarity, women tend to lean to the feminine. Yet, in some relationships the opposite is natural. In all relationships, no matter what the sex, polarity creates attraction and intimate connection.

When I see relationships that are disconnected, stressed or discouraged because their sex life has shut down, I look to see if the polarity dynamic is present. I also inquire as to how well each partner is taking care of themselves.

In today’s world I see a big issue for many women who have developed strong, capable assertive masculine energy in order to navigate the world. They competently give direction, handle logistics and strategies at work and at home. While this gets the job done, many women are simply burned out and lost from their natural feminine state–flow, ease, radiance, receptivity, intuition, energy and creativity. 

Often, they don’t realize how out of balance they are. They just know they are sick or stressed from the pressures of life. Often, they are upset and complaining about their man and not really knowing why.

Men ~ This is important to consider:

Spiritually and sexually a woman’s heart wants to be opened and inhabited by love and a deep presence you can offer her. This is the nature of women. It’s not your status or money she is after – although these are great offerings you may bring. In order to live that depth of love inside of her, she needs to feel Safe (you are good for your word)  Trust (you stand present with her moods and concerns) and Relaxation (you know how to open her heart and her body). 

If you are ready to take on a coach to support you in strengthening your relationship Know How,  I’m here to mentor you in this project. Imagine doing what it takes to experience greater Acceptance, Appreciation, Respect and Sex from your woman. You can do this!

Email me at victoria@raiseyourstate.com and sign up for a personal 6 week mentoring program with me. Cost?  Cheaper than divorce!  That would be $880 for 6 weeks. We will focus on you stepping up your game in the relationship and creating greater rewards for both of you.

And Do note! A strong and loving woman will test you. She wants you to be your fullest, most magnificent self. Her love won’t settle for anything less. She’ll do what it takes to rid you of selfishness, laziness or arrogance, and point you in the direction of greater loving.  This is a woman that supports you to be successful in all you do.

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