Two Brilliant Powers

Have you ever wanted to help a family member or close friend who is hurting?

They may be depressed or feeling stuck or victimized by their life circumstances. You watch their chronic discontent or get caught up in their consistent confusion or the chaos that follows them around.

Since you’ve been Raising Your State, you know that gaining awareness opens you to new possibilities and more conscious choices. You know that with increasing awareness patterns of needless suffering release. You also know that dismantling faulty beliefs enhances the quality of all your experiences and relationships.

Most people who are suffering don’t recognize that much of their unhappiness comes from a lack of awareness. They don’t recognize what a powerful influence the program that runs their mind has on their life. And in fact, many people don’t see they have a program at all. They tend to run on automatic pilot, even if that pilot is headed for a crash.

If people in your world are trapped in patterns that cause them to suffer needlessly, know that they are rooted in limited awareness. These limitations can keep them from reaching out for support and they may even believe there is no way out. Or, they may not want to rock the boat they are sailing for fear of upheaval in uncharted waters.

If you are like me, watching people suffer needlessly is not easy. After we’ve done what we can to support them, and deal with our own helplessness to help them, we might even experience a little grief.

What I’ve learned to do next is to take a stance or position of detachment. This is a strength that asks me to release attachment to an outcome and instead engage the two Brilliant Heart Powers that add Love into the field. Through Respect and Compassion I offer the highest light and relax into my peace at the same time.

Respect is a heart state that holds space for everyone to do their life in their own way and to make choices in their own time. We can’t know what any other soul is destined for. We can’t know their life lessons and challenges. In truth, we can only tend to our own garden and leave our neighbors to tend to theirs. When we employ Respect, our arrogance is derailed. We let go and let God.

Compassion is a heart state that shows empathy and concern for others. We cultivate compassion through the journey of our heart as we meet our own challenges and heartbreaks with acceptance. When we whole-heartedly embrace our inner struggles, we gather Compassion for ourselves. This develops a great capacity to offer Compassion to our loved ones.

Ultimately, growing the two great lights of Respect and Compassion will expand your heart and make your whole life easier. It will release you from the needless suffering that comes from suffering over the suffering of others. How’s that for a statement to ponder?

If you suffer needlessly because those around you are suffering, practice Respect and Compassion to offer them love and at the same time Raise Your State.


  1. Emma

    ‘Respect and Compassion…..will release you from the needless suffering that comes from suffering over the suffering of others’ Love this! You write with such truth and clarity that is easy to understand…infinite love & gratitude to you Victoria xx

  2. Victoria Allen

    Emma thanks for your comment. I do think most people resonate with suffering over the suffering of others. We can do our part to add love into the situation. Blessings to you, Victoria

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