The True Trek

“ Life shrinks or expands in proportion to ones courage.”

~ Anais Nin

The Rush of Pushing through Fear

You stand in line, wondering what you have gotten yourself into. “Can I turn around and snake back through the line?” Then, “No, I have to do this”.

Your palms are slick with sweat as you strap in. Your breath catches and you force yourself to relax, to slow your racing heart. The biggest roller coaster in the state chugs down a short track and then climbs the first hill. As the safety of the ground moves away, tension mounts. Higher and higher the coaster strains, and with each second you feel a spring tightening inside. Your fear mounts as you crest the hill, accelerating. Your heart is in your throat; the intensity of terror grabs you. Everything happens in one instant: fear, adrenaline, laughter, screams, wind, and the euphoria of zero gravity. Exhilaration! It lasts a second and forever.

You feel more alive than ever as the next hill comes, the trepidation you had dissolves into joy. You love yourself for pressing on through your fears to have this experience. The ride throws you upside-down; your heart calms, suspended in the midst of the insane motion.

Your blown-back hair reflects what you feel inside. Blown away. You faced your fear, conquered it, and more—you loved the whole experience; fear, trepidation, awe, exhilaration. You loved it all!

This kind of courageous act has value. It blasts through fear. It teaches that what you fear is never what you expect it to be, and that you are capable of far more than you ever imagined. The extreme choices of riding a coaster, parachuting out of a plane or skiing the black diamonds are often about the thrill of the adrenaline rush, an attempt to make you feel more alive.

This prompts the question:
How do you find this aliveness in the midst of your everyday life?

The True Trek to Aliveness

Awakening our Brilliant Powers gives us a natural aliveness, not predicated on outer circumstance. Plugging in to these powers requires the courage to dismantle our fear-based operation and deepen in to our heart. This is primarily an inward trek. It requires that we look within and face ourselves. We must first ask ourselves the most mysterious questions a human can ask:

Who am I?
How am I dreaming my life?
What matters to me?

If you are up for a life that is vibrant and full of love and happiness—a life where you create ease rather than struggle, love rather than fear and unlimited possibilities rather than a limited existence—these three potent questions are your guiding lights.

Without the courage to take stock of these questions, we are limited. We sleep in our programmed mind without awareness. We identify with our image: what we do and what we have. We tidy up our lives and create a rigid identity with an internal belief, “I am this kind of person—and not that kind of a person!” This fragments us and we use an enormous amount of energy defending our beliefs and upholding these limited identities.

When you limit your identity to your programming, the separation from your true expansive nature removes you from the flow of truth. This movement away from truth automatically engages fear-based thought and action. In turn, fear clutches your heart with its fantasies, paralyzing your natural strengths. Your Brilliant Powers are obscured and you become trapped in needless suffering, stagnant with chronic, gnawing discontent.

If you want to experience Who you are beyond the limitations of personal identity, stories and fear-based beliefs, raise the courage to answer these questions and shore up your focus and intention behind them.

Who you really are exists before the thoughts of who you think you are arise. You are the presence of being that requires no thought or belief. You experience this everyday just as you wake up, floating in that space that is between dreaming and being engaged by the coming day. In that short moment, you are in your true nature. Try to recognize it.


A Note To You Courageous Apprentices
How have you changed up your routines this week?
What fears are you tackling that that have been lying in procrastination?
I’m so excited to see your weekly report!

Trek On!

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