“I could see changes in my friend. With a little skepticism, I decided to work with Victoria and keep an open mind. My goal was to open myself up to my emotions and to love. Through dreaming and personal sessions with Victoria, I quickly gained awareness of how my thoughts, actions and self-identity were controlled by my judgments and opinions about certain events in my life. Learning to recognize and let go of those judgments wasn’t easy. I was surprised to learn how decoding my dreams could heal wounds at a deep, emotional level. Victoria was an incredible guide through this process. She is insightful, compassionate and tough when I needed it, yet always with love, humor and absolutely no judgment. I still have a ways to go yet I am beginning to see how amazing it is to live my life with freedom, and the joy and peace that goes with it. I am very grateful to be going through this process and to have such a remarkable person to guide me through it.” J.B ~ Attorney