Sword Courage

Sword Courage

“Self-love is the substance that shows us when to say Yes and when to say No.” ~ Victoria Allen

Most of us know when an old belief or way of living has bit the dust.

No More! Can’t Do! It’s Toast! Time to Let Go!

We are done hesitating, wavering or procrastinating. We get it in our bones that we’ve simply had enough! This is the time to take a breath, be bold and take new action.

It takes Courage to let go of what no longer serves you and instead make choices to evolve into a healthier, happier you. It takes Courage to shift out of your familiar safety zone and move into the unfamiliar and unknown of new life. Courage is the Brilliant Power that propels you to expand.

As you consistently Raise Your State, there are three areas of life that consistently need re-evaluation and sorting out.

Do you take on unnecessary obligations that over extend you? These are activities that are often run by your should voices. These are not the necessary tasks and responsibilities that we do to keep our life running smoothly. These are the actions we take on to get approval or to keep our image intact.

When you wield the sword of self-love, you’ll say ‘no’ to unnecessary obligations that tax your energy.

Take an honest look at your relationships. Who are the people that hear you, get you and affirm who you are? Who are the people that pull at your life force or disregard your boundaries?

When you wield the sword of self-love, you’ll say ‘no’ to relationships that infect you with struggle and suffering.

These are the material objects you hold on to: the excess you don’t need, the old memories that keep you living in the past.

When you wield your sword of self-love, you’ll clear out and create an environment that is fresh, alive and current…just like you want to be.

This week, check out your sword of Self-love. Is it polished and sharp, or is it a little rusty?

I invite you to join me in polishing up your sword this week. All you need to remember is this:

“Self-love is the substance that shows you when to say Yes and when to say No.”

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