It’s 2015 Get Your Sparkle On

“Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed.”
~ Robert Cavett

Are you pondering what to do differently this New Year? Have you committed to work out more, be kinder, lose a few pounds, get a grip on your budget, or spend more quality time with your kids? Are you set up to commit to deepen your spiritual practices or to start a new creative project? Maybe you are up for refining a loving relationship with yourself so that you will draw a loving relationship to you!

Every new year marks a time to Re-new, a time to Re-fresh. It is a time to look at what isn’t working for you and create intention and action behind that what you want to grow.

Personally, I’m at the finish line of an intention I set a long time ago. Focus, patience and perseverance has seen me through to the creation I intended to grow. Whew!  Yep, the book that some of you have been hearing about for eons is going to be an e-course launched in early 2015. I’m super excited to offer this 6 month Ignite Your Brilliant Powers e-course designed to refine your character and Raise Your State.

I believe in the power of Intention and Action!

Intention is the impulse that precedes all action and colors everything we undertake. When we see our intentions clearly, we can more easily determine whether actions we consider will Raise or Lower our State.

Are you ready to enhance your 2015 Intentions, so they become a reality?

First, I invite you to ask yourself  ~ WHAT DO I WANT?  (PICK ONLY ONE THING)

1. Write down your intention in  CLEAR, SPECIFIC, CONCRETE  language. Abstract goals don’t work. Our brain needs clear focus to achieve any new habit.
Example:        I”m going to quit smoking VS.
I won’t smoke that 1 cigarette I have every morning for the next 10 days and then I will create another intention that will get me to my goal.
Example:        I’m going to manage my stress VS.
I will meditate 5 minutes every evening for 20 days and then increase it to 10 minutes.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
~ Albert Einstein

2. Create an atmosphere of quiet peace to sit and fuel your intention. Breathe deeply and notice that the breath brings relaxation into your body. Visualize your intention with all your senses, making the impression as intense as you can:  see it, sense it, hear it, feel it, who is with you, where are you? Positive, constructive imagery is powerful.

Intention is not a wish and not a resolution. It is a clear, fixed focus that engages your action behind it.

3. Tell 3 friends your intention and plan of action and ask them to be a supportive witness offering you positive feedback as you stay focused on your intention. Research shows that positive feedback on any new habit will increase the likelihood of your success.

4. Take action in the direction of your intention and acknowledge each action. Do your best!… and then let go of your vision of the outcome. (It may be better than you could have imagined!)

Be mindful that Unconscious beliefs are the obstacles that block our conscious intentions.
If you notice your intentions waning, it is time to check out your unconscious beliefs to discover what other beliefs may be stronger. 

Incrementally, we Raise Our State through intention and consistent small actions over time.

How about  joining me in listening to that impulse that precedes all action and colors everything  we undertake in 2015?

Let’s do it!
Let’s continue to Raise Our State,

May your New Year be filled with the light and electricity that shines through you.
May you sparkle with the truth of who you are.

I say it is 2015 so let’s Get Our Sparkle On!

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