Ride Your Inner Wind

“Notice the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.” ~ Bruce Lee
I remember one of my teachers using the phrase ~  the winds are up. She was referring to a confused state of mind.

The wind element within us is associated with mind, movement, power, air and space. Mastering an ability to be in right relationship with your inner wind is a practice that will Raise Your State.

When you are in the natural flow of your inner wind, you have an ability to attach and detach, letting go and moving on to the next moment with ease. When you learn the skill ATTACH > DETACH you use your energy wisely, rather than waste it on resistance. You move more effortlessly in flow with life.

The wind element inside of us lies in the region of our heart. It infuses our heart with a softness that breeds compassion and allows us to forgive. We forgive ourselves for judging ourselves and we easily forgive others. This is a compassionate way to live our lives. 

If your inner wind is depleted, your head might be leading your heart a little more than it needs to. You may be attempting to force life rather than surrender to what life is offering you.  Exhaustion or insomnia may haunt you. Your ability to connect intimately in relationships is most likely diminished. Often these symptoms mask a deeper anxiety.

Excessive wind arises in people who constantly need to ‘have it all’ or be the ‘best’. You measure yourself through competition and comparison. With excessive wind, you may be over-doing, multi-tasking and spending long hours on technology. Or, spending numerous hours doing things that don’t directly relate to health and well-being.

If you are challenged with an imbalance of the wind element, demonstrated by the symptoms above, I invite you to re-balance your wind:

Too much wind?
Practice under-doing – know that your power is saying “no”
Streamline – Simplify your Life Become the Rose
Do Restorative yoga with long, deep holds
Limit your time with electronics after sundown
Discipline yourself Breath – Meditation – Mantra

Too little wind?
Eat warm cooked foods
Connect deeply with friends – Where do you Belong?
Warm oil massages

In Balance with wind?
You feel inspired
You have an enthusiasm for life
Motivation to create is present

As we say goodbye to the Fall, where the wind element is at its height, take to heart your ability to Ride your inner Wind. In this fast changing world, you’ll need the wind to move you along your path of evolution.

Wishing you an ability to Bend with the Wind.

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