Conscious Breath Practice

It’s a holy day when you discover that no matter what the circumstance you face or what condition your mind is in you have the power to access your inner peace at will. This personal power is right here, right now, and right inside of you. It comes through the power of your Breath.

When we bring awareness to using our breath consciously we connect our mind and body to our essential core.  This is the state within, underneath the minds activities, where there is always ease and flow. Here, resistance, defense and control soften into openness.

“I was fraught with anxiety and insomnia those first few days. I was shocked, confused and overwhelmed with the decisions I needed to make about cancer treatment. My mind wouldn’t stop with the ‘why’s’ and the heavy judgments I laid on myself. Not to mention the ‘if only’s’ that played as a consistent silent mantra. My yoga teacher at the time suggested I carve out space for daily breath practice as essential for healing. The dynamic of employing conscious breathing began to shift my confusion and anxiety. I discovered how I could create deep relaxation at will—and Yes, it worked every time.”

When you discover the potency of doing a Conscious Breath Practice you recognize you have the ability to break out of stagnation and release anxiety. You begin to experience relaxation–because you say so-you make it happen.  Conscious breathing helps you deepen into the wisdom of your inner consciousness where the true Dreamer of your life resides. Through breath, you learn to refrain from unnecessary reactions and instead create space for a clear response. You develop the freedom to shift from frustrating impatience to experience the deep ease that patience provides.

Conscious Breath is also a gateway to a healthy body, mind and spirit.  Attention to breathing releases the destructive metabolic state of carbon dioxide and creates a constructive one infused with oxygen to purify the body. It stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system that reduces heart rate and relaxes the muscles. It promotes organ function, aids in digestion, lowers blood pressure and rejuvenates the skin. It tones our nervous system and increases concentration.

We take about 21,000 breaths a day. 90% of the nutrition needed by our body comes from breath while 10% comes from food. Our immune system is enhanced by the oxygenation of every cell in our body. Heightening the energy within the cells of our body is paramount to healing illness.

Conscious Breath Practice:

Begin by setting your cell phone to ring 3 times a day signaling you to stop and take 3 minutes to put your attention on your breath. The repeated interruption is a great reminder to take time for you.

Start by inhaling deeply through the nose to the count of 7 and stop at the top of the breath for 5 counts. Exhale fully through the mouth to the count of 9 and stop at the bottom of the breath for 5 counts. Repeat this breathing practice for 3 minutes, 3 times a day for 3 days. After the 3 days, make this a morning ritual to take 3 minutes to Breathe. This will teach you the power of your breath to shift your perception at will. You’ll see how you can create a new state.

Once you have established yourself in this practice you will be able to apply breath anytime you choose to shift anxiety and worry to inner peace. Over time, you will discover that Peace is only a breath away.

Creating a conscious breathing practice, making your Breath your Best Friend Forever is a smart investment in your well-being. If you think about it, your BFF will be your last goodbye.

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