Is your relationship…

Rich with love?
Spiced with intimacy?
Your safe haven?

Relationships don’t come with an instruction manual—but you can develop the unshakeable foundation you need for your couplehood to not only survive, yet to grow and thrive.

In the midst of feeling disconnected or discouraged, you can learn new ways of being with your partner that spark an ability to communicate with greater clarity, love more courageously and deepen respect and trust. You can rejuvenate your connection so you’ll have the companion you first fell in love with.


When I work with couples, I help them move through the many stresses couples face, and come out strong instead of shaky. We will work together to rejuvenate new life and recreate new agreements that work for both of you.  I offer you a safe and non-judgmental space to:

  • Regain trust and mutual respect while navigating your differences.
  • Explore what’s not working and what you each want in your relationship.
  • Overcome communication snarls and start really talking to one another.
  • Authentically, consistently connect despite the day-to-day grind of living life.
  • Replace unconscious, harmful agreements with healthy ones.
  • Actually hear—and heed—each other without sacrificing your own self.

Think about it…you both deserve to experience a strong ground of staying power in your relationship. 

I’d be delighted to set up a 75 minute session with you on  Skype, by phone, or in my home office in Santa Monica.

You can call me at 310-826-9020 or my cell at 805-455-4660 or email me at