Ready for an Upgrade

When it comes to our human, you and me, we are sometimes messy, unconscious and imperfect. Our programming comes up with thoughts and actions that are less than pretty and often hurtful and unkind.  Arrogance, sarcasm, over-reacting, control, and down right negativity are a few ways our program spouts off and hurts others and ourselves.

What is Important to remember in these moments of temporary insanity is:
You are not your program.
And…You need Not judge or shame yourself for its’ faulty operating system.

What is More Important is that you bring Awareness to these tendencies that create separation and turmoil within you and in your relationships.

If you want to Raise Your State, what is Most Important is that you Take Action to upgrade your programs operating system. Get honest with yourself ~ Take responsibility and identify what drives these unruly patterns. Questioning your beliefs is key.
With an unexamined program, you can keep spinning on the wheel of needless suffering forever. 

Beyond our program lies the One we truly are. This One is our sacred self who knows Love’s ways.  It will always choose love, belonging and connection. It only becomes derailed by our program.

When we choose to Raise Our State, we must be willing to expand our awareness and tackle our programming. As we take on this worthy goal, the One we are takes the lead and expands our heart and opens us to greater ease and happiness. Through this we discover the deeper intelligence of love’s ways.

When your program sounds its messy alerts, you can know your current operating system needs an upgrade. It’s time for a pause to shine light on how you create separation and turmoil.

And while you are in the process of deepening into that awareness, use the 3 Brilliant Powers of  Patience, Acceptance and Compassion to ease the unwinding. 

I admit that facing ourselves is not an easy proposition. It requires Courage to let go of known and familiar ways that have in some convoluted way made us feel safe.  However, the rewards are worth it. When we face ourselves we gain a more intimate connection with ourselves and this intimacy allows us to create deep and intimate relationships with others.

Next time you notice your program is a little whacked out, know that it is time for an upgrade. Enroll the One that you are to to be on board to tackle this feat.

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