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“Love and Compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.” ~ Dalai Lama
Have you ever wanted to help a family member or close friend who has a tendency to suffer quite regularly?

Maybe they are chronically depressed or feeling stuck or victimized by their life circumstances. You hear them complain, you feel their sadness or anger, and you watch them get caught up in the chaos or confusion that follows them around.

Since you’ve been Raising Your State, you know that gaining awareness opens you to new possibilities and more conscious choices. You also know that dismantling faulty beliefs enhances the quality of all your experiences and relationships.

Most people who suffer on a regular basis don’t recognize that much of their unhappiness comes from a lack of awareness. They don’t recognize what a powerful influence their beliefs has on their life. They tend to run on automatic pilot, even if that pilot is headed for a crash.

If you are like me, watching people suffer needlessly is not easy. Yet, there are ways you can be with them that will soothe their suffering.

Love is the medicine that heals. And there are two specific heart qualities that add love into the field.

Compassion and Respect

Compassion is a heart state that shows empathy and concern. It is your ability to ‘be with’ whatever arises and to communicate either energetically or through words, “I am with you.”

Respect is a heart state that holds space for everyone to do their life in their own way and to make choices in their own time. We can’t know what any other soul is destined for. We can’t know their life lessons and challenges. In truth, we can only tend to our own garden and leave our neighbors to tend to theirs. When we employ Respect, our arrogance is derailed. We let go and let God.

Ultimately, growing your heart through the qualities of Compassion and Respect will expand your heart and make your life easier. It will release you from the needless suffering that comes from suffering over the suffering of others. How’s that for a statement to ponder?

If you suffer needlessly because those around you are suffering, practice Compassion and Respect and you will surely Raise Your State.

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With Love,

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