PEACE ~ The 22% Tribe

“Out beyond a world of ideas where there is wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field.  I’ll meet you there.” ~ Rumi

Now, more than ever, our world needs you, me, and all of us stepping up…raising our inner state. Chaos, conflict and suffering surge around our globe. While we in the western world can’t hunt down terrorists personally, we can make a difference.

We have ability to cultivate and share our inner PEACE.

David Hawkins, M.D., PhD, writes in his book Power vs Force, about how specific vibrations of consciousness arise from our human behavior and perceptions we have about life. While I highly suggest this terrific read, I’d like to share with you some basic cliff notes.

On a scale of 1-1000, Hawkins has scientifically determined that our energy field vibrates to PEACE at 700.
Joy 540

Love 500
Acceptance 350
Willingness 310
Courage 200 ~ Here, we shift from self-destructive and harmful behavior to life-giving thoughts and actions.

Note the states that resonate in the ego’s domain below 200: 

Pride 175
Anger 150
Desire 125
Fear 100
Grief 75
Apathy 50
Guilt 30
Shame 20
~ This vibration is one step above death.

Hawkins calculates that 78% of the world population resonates below 200-the critical level of integrity. Take a breath and think about that! 78% live in survival mode, vibrating fear states and experiencing unhappiness.

If emotions are contagious-and they are, and we are all in this big collective soup together-which we are…as a collective the majority has a destructive capacity to drag down all of mankind.

Depressing? It doesn’t have to be! And, you don’t have to think about that for even a second more, as focusing on the negative DOES NOT raise our state.

Instead, I have an invitation for you.

JOIN THE 22% Tribe!

Imagine being a counter-balancer!
Imagine parting from the herd that is pulsing fear.
Imagine being part of the 22% ~ a tribe that stays focused on cultivating PEACE within.

If you are up for it…
Here is a 3 Step Plan of Action
to join the 22% Tribe.

Wherever you are, no matter the situation, refrain from using force to change it. Accept the challenging moment exactly “as It Is”, no matter how ugly, messy or chaotic it feels. Take a moment and breathe and then make a conscious choice from your integrity of how you will deal with it. This requires refraining from reaction and instead choosing to respond; Stand in both feet, Lead with your honesty and Stay Present to compassion for all involved.
         You are in the 22% tribe when your soul intention is committed to DOING YOUR BEST to cultivate PEACE.

       Decide to be Courageous!  Make your life about growth. Step out of your safety zone to make new choices that expand your consciousness and your life. At the level of Courage-200, you start to recognize that you are a GIVER of life, you begin to contribute just by being you.
       You are in the 22% tribe when you hunt down the mental-emotional patterns and behaviors that resonate below 200 – pride, anger, desire, fear, grief, apathy, guilt and shame stop vibrating within you. Courage raises your state!

Your energetic vibration either blesses or poisons you and the world around you. Your choice!
Be mindful of what you say – your expression is sacred.
Be mindful of what you think – your thoughts are potent.
Be mindful of the music, images and food you take in – you are what you eat.
  You are in the 22% tribe when you bless life DOING YOUR BEST to be kind. When you lose yourself for a moment, forgive yourself and return to increased mindfulness.

I suspect you are already in the 22% tribe. Or if not, and you want to join, I invite you to stay connected to Raise Your State. We have several new offerings in the New Year (see side panel)  I hope you will step in with us and uplift your consciousness and your life.

Wishing you a joyful and peaceful holiday.

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