Meet 4 Main Addictions

“After half a century of psychiatric practice, I know without a doubt that the source of addiction is spiritual deficiency. Irrespective of whether we are religious or atheist, all human beings are spiritual by nature and spirituality is the cornerstone of our recovery.”

— Abraham Twerksi

” I’m just a hard worker, my family needs to understand me.”

” I only drink beer and wine, and I don’t drink everyday.”

” But I just love to work out.”

” It is their fault, no one ever understands me.”

These are the voices of people addicted to work, substance, exercise and victim-stance. And, the list of addictions go on and on: shopping, gambling, activity, relationship, technology, spirituality, approval, food and even thought. In fact, for sure thought!

Today, I introduce to you 4 subtle addictions that cause needless suffering in anyone who indulges in them. And, I say needless, because they can be remedied. Challenges in relationships or work, and a generalized unhappiness arise out of these addictions:

  • Intensity
  • Perfectionism
  • The Need to Know
  • What’s Not Working

INTENSITY ~ These folks have a low tolerance for boredom and tend to dramatize, exaggerate and often use substances to cope with life.
Remedy: Uncover your vulnerability with true feeling and authentic expression. Connect with your heart to express your love.

NEED TO KNOW ~ These master controllers often have strong trust issues and don’t like surprises or uncertainty.
Remedy: Give up the need to be right or critical. Embrace uncertainty and the unknown, this is your freedom. Connect to your inner wisdom and self-trust.

PERFECTION ~ Fearing mistakes, life becomes rigid and you live your life feeling 1/2 alive. Eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders and substance abuse live here.
Remedy: Accept all of you and get rid of the ‘good/bad’ ‘right/wrong’ constant self-judgment. Learn to acknowledge that your best is good enough.

WHAT IS NOT WORKING ~ Living in their head, complaint keeps magnifying what is not working.
Remedy: Each time you recognize this chronic mind pattern, make the choice to shift your focus and find your gratitude.

While most of us demonstrate some of these ways of being some of the time, if they become chronic or interfere with your life and relationships, it is time to recognize the disconnection with your heart and spirit. It is time to apply a remedy.

Your power lies in your ability to shift from mind to heart with ease.

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