Lean Into Loving Women!


The meeting of two personalities is like the contact with two chemical substances: if there is a reaction, both are transformed.” ~ C.G.  Jung

If you are like me, most likely you’ve had a challenge or two in relationships. Maybe you tangled with a turkey or two and you didn’t quite know how to create that loving companionship your heart desired.

Seriously though, while some relationships are a safe haven for growth and thriving, others struggle quite a bit. Defense and complaint can become a constant. Values clash and power struggles take over. Two people end up living side by side with a nagging unhappiness, yet deep down they yearn for greater play, connection and intimacy.

If you and your turkey are loving your life together Hooray! Keep on expanding your happiness.

However, if you find yourself in a consistently troubled relationship, here are a few choices to consider. You can:

~  Finally throw in the towel – exit to re-create your life.
~  Live in fear – withhold communication and cover your vulnerability.
~  Hunker down in familiarity – stay the same.
~  Be pissed off – blame, criticize and resent your partner until your unhappiness takes both of you down the tubes.
~  Avoid taking responsibility – stay in victim-stance and spin in drama til the cows come home!

OR you can…

Develop the skills to become lean  into greater loving with yourself and your partner.

Here is the secret:   Everything begins with you!

I know…it appears that those turkeys out there need to change, but honestly – No!  Love is the power that transforms relationships and Love begins with you. Yes, you heard that right!

Love is the power that transforms relationships and Love begins with you. 

If you are willing to develop a loving, respectful relationship with yourself …  (caution – does take commitment)
If you are ready to expand your heart by transforming mental-emotional blocks to intimacy …  (caution – does require honesty and vulnerability)
If you desire to love beyond how you’ve known to love in the past …  (caution – you risk loss And your risk happiness)

I’m here to show you how.
I’m excited to offer a 6-week private coaching package for women who are ready to learn how to Lean into Loving.

You’ll learn to love those turkeys rather than tangle with them. And, you’ll watch their feathers perk up too!

You will receive personal and specific guidelines for your situation and homework to support you.

Hear what woman are saying about how Lean Into Loving has helped them and learn more about this personal coaching package  HERE.

If you are ready to expand your heart and discover greater happiness, email me at victoria@raiseyourstate.com

And…if you are loving full out right now, I invite you to ask yourself what you truly desire to experience in your relationship. Feel in to that desire, set your intention, fuel it with imagination and take the action to expand your relationship beyond what you imagined possible. .

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