MISSING the openness that once created intimacy in your relationship?

CONFUSED as to how you arrived in chronic discontent?

                         LONGING to know how to turn your disconnection to re-connection?


IF YOU ARE A WOMAN WHO IS READY to resuscitate your relationship and take it to the next level…you’ve come to the right place. I have a specific 6 week coaching package for you. 

What I know is that relationships don’t come with an instruction manual. They go through many stages and states that tax the very foundation they were built upon. I’ve experienced time and time again that women hold relationship magic in the palm of their hand. If you are willing to play with the magic of gentle, fierce, solid and vulnerable loving, you will create the potential to transform your relationship.

Maybe you are saying “Doesn’t my partner need to do this with me?”

My answer is No! Love is the strongest power in the universe. As you expand your loving in clear and purposeful ways, your love affects and transforms everything around you, to include your partner!

I invite you to commit to greater Loving as you start the New Year. I’ll teach you how to love from soul level so your ego can take a rest from attempting to control what it wants – this is a set up for disconnection and unhappiness.

When you join me for 6 weeks of personal coaching, you will learn to:

  • Communicate through specific techniques to pull your man into greater connection and presence. 
  • Honor the dynamics of the male ~ female polarity to spark sizzling passion.
  • Access your Brilliant Heart Powers to strengthen the foundation of your relationship.
  • Dissipate threats – those relationship toxins that perpetuate frustration and unhappiness.
  • Release the two culprits that turn your heart hard and your relationship cold.
  • Return to love again and again through the tough times that all relationships go through.
  • Follow the three guidelines that every Courageous Lover must implement.


If you suspect that you could benefit from these keys to creating greater emotional and physical intimacy, I invite you to Lean Into Loving with me. We will focus on your specific concerns and you’ll gain tools and homework throughout the 6 weeks.


Here is what women are saying about Lean into Loving:

“This Lean into Loving course really broke up a dammed up river for us. For years, I thought that I was just accepting the way things were; but in reality, I had given up in certain areas. For instance, I’d given up on my husband socializing with friends or going on vacation with me, and me watching chick flicks without a running commentary of sarcasm. Well now…we’ve been having friends over, we’re booked for a vacation in Greece in the fall and we watched Serendipity with John Cusack last night. We have more meaningful conversations about intimacy, not just what feels good physically.” ~ W. P.

“I feel more connected to the juicy delight of partnership, polarity, love making, and intimacy. These are some of the most delicious gifts in life and I am embracing them more open-heartedly!” ~ J.O.

“Victoria’s Lean into Loving class taught me how to engage differently with my partner, specifically from a place of love and respect. It shifted my perspective and understanding of our dance and ultimately that helped us break some old patterns and brought us closer. We communicate better, we are more playful, I feel desired, and he feels empowered. All these things have brought new life and new love into my relationship. The biggest lesson for me at the end of this class was that in order to keep growing my relationship I have to tend to it, put it first, cultivate our dance, that keeps it rich and growing.” L.L.M.

“I listened to my husband in ways I had not before—simply accepting what he chose to share. He started sharing more immediately and I felt how important I am to him. I realized I am probably the only one who really listens to him deeply and this felt sacred.” ~ R.K.

“Since taking Victoria’s class on Lean into Loving, I’ve been monitoring my speech and actions more. I consider if what I say or do is supporting our relationship. Doing so has created a positive shift for our love and intimacy.” ~ S. P.

“I feel I have a better understanding of the dance of relationship and the creature that my man is and how he operates. This has been really helpful! I’ve been finding the difference and balance between self-care and selfishness. And, I get it better now that for a relationship to be “successful”, there must be a constant return to love, commitment and forgiveness.” ~ A. L.

Let’s do this together!


As a marriage and family therapist for over 3 decades, I’ve helped thousands of individuals and couples bring greater awareness and love into their lives.  In my own life, through education and relationships, I’ve discovered how to stay open to love through the many states and stages that all relationships go through.

I’m passionate and committed to growing Love in our world. If you choose to join me, I have confidence we will lean into greater loving together.

Cost for 6 week private coaching package is $880. We will work by phone, skype or in my home office in Santa Monica. Payable in one or two payments.

To register for Lean into Loving contact me via email at victoria@raiseyourstate.com.

It takes courage to love bigger, wider and deeper than ever before. I look forward to knowing you as a Courageous Lover and being on this journey with you.