“We must have a strong spine and a soft heart.”  – Anand Mehrotra  

To Raise Your State means something different to each person. Some people might want to release a negative habit and replace it with a positive one. Others may want less stress and more ease. And, if you are a devoted spiritual seeker you yearn for your highest capacity; to intimately know yourself as the radiance of Love.

Last summer I interviewed Anand.  He is a wonderful Master spiritual teacher- very down to earth and humorous.  He speaks of joy as our essential nature and gives guidance of how to tap into our joy daily.

Download this interview here:

Anand is also featured in the documentary The Highest Pass; a spiritual journey to your highest self. The teaching is presented as he and a small group ride motorcycles over the worlds’ highest motorable road, located deep in the Himalayas. You can view this beautiful spiritual journey by linking to:   Or,  if you have Apple TV- Itunes you can rent it there. More about Anand at

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