Fill your own glass. (not just half-full)

Be your own fairy godmother. (not just ‘til midnight)

Or strong man with soft heart. (not a failure in your own eyes)

Choose your own path. (not just the one more traveled)


Raise your State with me.

If you are looking for someone who can truly meet you, get you and take you to somewhere you’ve been longing for, I’m yours. I believe we all have the ability to break out of following the voice of our auto-pilot that keeps us going down the same old tracks getting the same results. I know we have the capacity to release habits that cause us to go against ourselves – self betrayal and self doubt, and rise from those ashes into true self loyalty. It is here we find our innermost truth and deepest self expression. We emerge with a heart full of happiness and a clear mind.

Have any questions? Want to hop on a free 30-minute consult? Simply contact me and we’ll connect—I love, love to get to know you, what you’re thinking and feeling…and answer anything that comes up while you’re here.


Here’s how we can work together…

One-Time Clarity Session

Running yourself into a tizzy, trying to make a big decision? Out of perspective from a fight with a loved one? Shaken by some bad news? Gain a clear head with my on-call, one-time clarity session. Together, we will breathe, get centered and sorted, and develop an action plan that comes from a place of vibrant wisdom.

You don’t have to do it alone.


Custom One-on-One Coaching

I want to help you find more EASE, more PEACE, and more LOVE in your life. So let’s get clear on what’s working in your life (and what’s not).

You and I will pinpoint the beliefs and habits that are interfering with your happiness. In a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere, I’ll support you to sort out confusion, create and maintain healthy boundaries, stop the stress cycle, and develop a plan to focus on what matters to your heart.

When you coach with me, you’ll raise your state.  I work by phone or an on-line Zoom url.


Relationship Coaching – Courageous Loving for Couples

Relationships don’t come with an instruction manual, but you can learn how to overcome communication snarls, foster trust and respect, and learn to really listen to each other—the foundations to a strong, intimate relationship.

Together, we’ll examine what unspoken agreements may be causing your relationship harm, and work together in a safe space to create truer intimacy and mutual respect.

So be that couple: the one whose relationship is rich with love, alive with personal awareness, and juiced with intimacy. Create the staying power to dream a happy life together.

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Courageous Loving for Women

If you are a woman who is ready to offer Courageous Loving into your relationship and spark it with greater connection and intimacy…this 6 week coaching package is for you.

MISSING the openness that once created intimacy in your relationship?

CONFUSED as to how you arrived in chronic discontent?

LONGING to know how to turn your disconnection to re-connection?

Love is the strongest power in the universe. As you expand your loving in clear and purposeful ways, your love affects and transforms everything around you, to include your partner!

If you are willing to play with the magic of gentle, fierce, solid and vulnerable loving, you will create the potential to transform your relationship.

We will do this together!


Dream Teachings to Dream Yourself Awake

Has a dream ever rocked your world?      (you woke up in a panic or confused.)

Do recurrent dreams haunt you?          (you wish they would go away!)

Has a dream intrigued you and felt significant?       (you didn’t know how to interpret its message!)

If you’re a woman who answered YES to any of these questions, you’re in the right place.  Let me share with you why.

Imagine what it would be like to take a daunting dream you’ve had, discover its meaning, and understand its significance. You have a deep sense of peace and ease flowing through you.

Picture how it would feel to use the messages in your dreams to guide you through whatever challenges life brings you. You feel clear inside and know what to do (as well as when to do it).

You can have all this!