Imagine Freedom from Worry

Worrywarts are everywhere. Do you know someone who annoys others by worrying loudly and constantly over everything? Truth be told, when fear is running through us most of us have a tendency to worry.

Worry is an anxiety pattern that serves no purpose. Besides annoying others and ourself with the chronic complications, and “What if’s”; it is a huge consumer of energy. It churns up our mind and keeps us from relaxing into the deeper states of peace inside. Becoming free from any long held pattern requires our willingness to face where we focus our energy and ask our self, ‘Does this mind pattern offer me more peace?’ If your answer is ‘no’, consider these tips:

Release Worry Tips

    Be clear. Recognize this pattern is not working for you and have the willingness to devote your focus and action to removing it.
    Catch Your Mind Worrying. There is an observer in you who watches your mind thinking. Align with this witness who observes you. Look at the mind from that vantage point with curious awareness. “HA you funny mind, there you go again stressing me out.” This helps you see you are not your mind and you do have an ability to corral its patterns.
    Breath is your Freedom. The moment you catch your worry mind, STOP. Recognize what your mind is doing. Begin to breathe, inhale to a count of 6 and exhale to a count of 6 for about 2 minutes. While you focus on your breath, relax your body and come into the moment. This action of re-directing your focus will shift you from stress to relaxation. Overtime, this simple exercise will unwind anxiety produced by many annoying mind patterns and it will become natural to feel more relaxed on a consistent basis.
    Track Your Belief. Worry patterns come from somewhere and often this is faulty understanding. Ask yourself, “Is this belief really true?” And, “How can I know this for sure?” Perhaps this pattern is what you learned as a child as a healthy way of being. Or maybe it is something that was developed through life experience. In any case, a stress-filled mind that creates anxiety is not a healthy way of being.
    Action is a Potent Antidote. What new action might you take to let go and de-stress? Any action that moves in the opposite direction of the worry pattern will reduce the potency of that pattern. Then the next time worry arises, it will be a little less potent.

As with all stressful mind patterns, you have the power to reclaim the energy they consume. It takes Willingness, Discipline, Consistency and Patience to reel them in. When you succeed, you experience more flow within you and more ease in your life. Shifting patterns from anxiety to peace Raises Your State.

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