You’re smart.

You’re motivated.

You’re full of potential.

And you’ve determinedly checked off every little thing on your “supposed-to” list.

And yet—

Life constantly feels Overwhelming. Clouded. Less-than-happy…

…Don’t let your love and joy sputter out.

Ignite Your Brilliant Powers.


This action-oriented 12-month e-course is designed to create greater awareness and freedom to live the life your heart craves. It’s about less chaos and more PEACE, less stress and more EASE, less fear and more LOVE.



I’m Victoria Allen, coach and change agent behind Raise Your State, and for over two decades, I’ve been helping people transform their lives using these simple, comprehensive, and time-tested tools. I developed this self-study course to help you live the brilliant, soul-powered life you and your heart crave, starting today. And as my gift to you, I’m offering the first module free, so you can make sure the course is a good fit for you.


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Wondering What Your Brilliant Powers Are?

Here’s the funny thing: we’re all familiar with them, but we may not be truly applying them to our lives—and we may even have forgotten how, as our mind takes over the reigns of our lives, and “should’s” and “have-to’s” replace our heart’s instinctual wisdom.

Rooted in ancient wisdom that has stood the test of time, these powers — honesty, forgiveness, generosity, creativity, for example—are found deep within our hearts.

By learning to reach directly into your heart and apply the 12 Brilliant Powers, you can:

  • uncover exactly what is and isn’t working in your life
  • derail stressful mind habits such as worry, guilt, shame and blame
  • reject faulty beliefs and fear-based patterns that are limiting you
  • revamp your life by hearing your heart—and listening to it
  • spark greater awareness to create healthier choices
  • build a solid inner connection with your sacred self—your integrity
  • cultivate respect and belonging through intimate relationships

Great Love, True Happiness.


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How the Course Works:

Ignite Your Brilliant Powers is a 12-month transformational roadmap for greater PEACE, more EASE, and deeper LOVE within yourself and your life. You will receive one module a month via your personal online study room.

Why only one per month? This gives you time to receive your lessons and integrate them into your everyday life. Having the time to apply what you’ve learned is more important than an information crunch. Transformation is a process, and integration is imperative to grounding the energies you’re focused on.

This course will teach you that everything you want ‘out there’ is already within you. You’ll learn to embrace your innate personal power, and use it to make loving choices that enhance your life and Love.

This is an on-demand course — start whenever you like!


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What Each Module Includes:

  • Ignite Your Brilliant Powers Ebook: walk step-by-step through each module’s wisdom and practical teachings.
  • Victoria on Audio: charge yourself up and stay on track with this additional support.
  • Awareness in Action Workbook: apply the teachings directly to your life through journal exercises, activities, and thought practices.
  • Monthly Musings: support your journey and fill out your wisdom with supplemental articles.
  • Audio Meditations: deepen into the real you by moving beyond your thoughts, one breath at a time. No previous experience needed!
  • Feng Shui Guidance: use your surroundings to make your energy and your life flow.
  • Images & Quotes: inspiration and beauty throughout the month.
  • FREE BONUS: two live Q-&-A conference calls with Victoria each month available to everyone on the path.
  • On-demand course means you can start at any time!


Your Course Modules:

#1 AWAKEN YOUR AWARENESS Ignite the Brilliance in Your Heart …Try it Free!

#2 BREAK OUT ~ Courage Fuels All Your Brilliant Powers

#3 LET GO ~ Forgiveness Frees Your Heart

#4 GET NAKED ~ Honesty Releases Hiding and Defense

#5 VALUE YOURSELF ~ Acceptance Births Authenticity

#6 SOFTEN ~ Gentleness Refines You

#7 BREATHE ~ Patience Disarms Force

#8 HONOR LIFE ~ Respect Relinquishes Control

#9 REVEAL YOUR HEART ~ Compassion Radiates Love

#10 BE THE BLESSING ~ Generosity Unblocks Abundance

#11 SEE THE BEAUTY ~ Gratitude Raises Your Soul Capacity

#12 POWER UP ~ Creativity Opens Your Flow


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Investment Options:

To make this program accessible to everyone, I offer several payment options and even a study buddy deal. Find your financial fit …


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*By choosing a payment plan, you commit and agree to pay all payments in your plan. This is a complete payment over time, not a month-by-month subscription you can opt-out of. You are responsible for all payments.

Study Buddy Bonus! Purchase the 1 Payment of $727 option and you’ll have the opportunity to purchase an additional seat for a friend at just $497.


Let go of needless suffering. Ignite your BRILLIANCE.