How to “Just Do It” when your state is holding you down

842b9d8f-1a43-44fd-8617-929f9daae98aThose days were rough!

Depression is the heaviest of heavy. It was a challenge to get out of bed in the morning, and when I did, I walked through the motions feeling weighed down and exhausted. Forget about happiness or vitality, that was what other people seemed to have. Somehow they had learned that formula to health and happiness that I had not found yet.

In my state, my ex-husband attempted to cheer me up by telling me to “just get up and take action”. I don’t know if you’ve ever been depressed, stuck, ill, overwhelmed or fearful, but in my condition, taking action was like swimming upstream against a strong current with no arms.

Even with your own version of Nike cheerleaders on the banks of the river, when you are stuck for whatever reason, that “Just Do It” mantra can make you feel more alone and hopeless. I know it did for me.

Today I wake up with enthusiasm to meet my day. Those days of chronic depression are behind me. Stress yes, challenges yes, days of low energy come too. Yet, now I’m in flow with life and I’m able to move with the many tides that move me.

I write this story because every day I speak with people who are feeling stuck in some way. Feelings of depression, fear, victimization or illness are weighing them down. Some know what they need to do, yet they don’t have the vitality, courage or motivation to do it. Others don’t know what direction to take.

These are 3 Valuable Keys that open the gates to access more life force within you. This is my soft version of Nike’s mantra, “Just Do It!”

1. Compassion ~ Meet every moment of your life in this sweet state. No matter what…learn how to “Be With” yourself as you are. Release Judgment, Force and Pushing to have anything different than it is. Resistance always stops the natural flow that moves within you. This flow is what Raises Your State. Compassion For Your Self Gets Your Energy Flowing.

2. Reach Out ~ Your true nature longs for connection and belonging. Even if you carry a story that says, “I can do it myself” or “People aren’t safe” or “I know best” or “ I don’t want to be a burden”, when your chi is down to a slow flow choose a buddy. Find the courage to extend your heart and hand to meet another heart and hand. When life force is shared in a supportive way, both parties are uplifted by the flow. Your Life Force is Infused with Love Through Connection.

3. “Just Do It” ~ I promised you this would be a soft mantra and when done without judgment or expectation, it is! If you want to increase your vitality, move into flow with new energies, new life and new possibilities…Take action in the direction you want to go.

Whether you need to get out of bed, clean your clutter, shift your relationship into more harmony, change up your routine with fun or a creative project, or make some important calls to clean up your life, Just Do It! Get that support person to help you make a plan. Even if you don’t feel like taking action, when you give your word to yourself and someone else, you create focus and momentum. Momentum builds on itself.

What You Focus On Grows!

In what area of your life would you like more flow? No matter what is up on your plate, if you want to Raise Your State, make the commitment to love yourself enough to Just Do It!

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