Has Your Yin Met Your Yang?

Everything in the universe consists of two opposing, but deeply interconnected forces – Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine). The interaction of these two forces creates the essence of life around us. Yin and Yang are dependent opposites that strive for balance.

When our active male energy and our receptive female energy co-create balance, we experience a free fluid state inside. We experience being in a flow with life rather than over-committed or stagnant. Our whole being comes on-line to give us an experience of aliveness.

I was super shocked when my therapist declared me Burned-Out!

“Not me!” I admit I was exhausted, emotionally fragile and definitely had too much going on in my life. Yet, even as I went through the motions of life with little joy and increasing resentment, burnout wasn’t even a consideration. Isn’t having a full, busy life what everyone does?

Just like me, many people don’t recognize the symptoms of this pervasive western world condition. Or, they live with them and consider them ‘normal’.

Weekly I hear from people who are heading for burnout or are already there. These bright, creative, conscientious individuals are chronically tired, emotionally fragile or unhealthy. Whether you work long hours, minister to a cause, study for challenging exams, care take someone in need, or are responsible for little ones, it is not uncommon to be ‘all used up’ before symptoms become apparent.

If you want to stay healthy; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, creating Life-Balance not only destresses your system, it invites your whole being into health. Through balance, all your systems operate in the way they were designed to function. In fact, for long-term sustainability, nothing takes precedence over your ability to consistently move toward balance.

Balance is not a state we stay in, instead we naturally ebb and flow through many states of being. Throughout these shifts our true nature expresses active yang energy and receptive yin energy. As we strive for balance, the dance of these two states supports health.

Our challenge comes when we identify with our conditioned mind that has a tendency to continually take us out of balance. It tends to value and expend energy in an active yang way, while devaluing the receptive yin energy that supports balance. Sometimes, the only way yang gets a rest is when we fall in to bed exhausted. And, while sleep is paramount to health, exhaustion is not the best way to flow through life.

Creating Life-Balance is a dynamic activity. If you choose to live with less stress, and instead create a greater experience of health and happiness, creating Life-Balance is a process worth focusing on. It will surely Raise Your State.

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