Enrich your Dream World

A two day Women’s Dreaming Experience with Victoria Allen

April 29 & 30, 2017

Berkeley, California


Has a dream ever rocked your world?...you woke up in a panic or confused.

Do recurrent dreams haunt you?you wish they would go away!

Has a dream intrigued you and felt significant?you didn’t know how to interpret its message!

Dreams are a magical language packed with awareness. They shine light into the intricacies of your inner world, illuminating how rich and vast you are. Dreams uncover unconscious beliefs and habits that create challenges in your life. They guide your next steps to growth and creativity. A bright light stemming from your soul, dreams connect you with your deepest truth and contain the answers you crave to life’s most pressing questions.


Join Victoria in this two-day workshop to open you to the potent messages in your dreams.

Dreamwork helps you:

  • Tap into your wise inner knowing and gain greater self-trust.
  • Uncover unconscious beliefs that block you from feeling relaxed and open.
  • See your choice points with greater ease and learn to choose love over fear more often.
  • Gain ability to raise self-respect and feel confident and empowered.
  • Strengthen your emotional resilience which allows you greater freedom to navigate relationships with greater authenticity.
  • Integrate many aspects of your personality to experience greater wholeness and connection inside.



You will learn concrete ways to initiate, journal and decode your dreams. You’ll discover your own personal dream symbols that are specific to your history and discover how to have better recall of your dreams.


Our women’s sacred dream circle is a space where we share dreams without interpreting them. Each dreamer brings a dream and we move into a process to discover what awakens inside of us when we hear a dream. This is an organic and potent way to awaken intuition and memory. Sitting in dream circle, we discover the power of collective dreaming.


IF YOU suspect there is a new way of Being that is ready to emerge, but you don’t have the clarity or oomph to get there, your dream messages can offer you that guidance. If you are ready to add a juicy dimension to your life, join Victoria to illuminate your light through the power of your dreams.


To hold your space, please paypal the full non-refundable amount to victoria@raiseyourstate.com. We will send you a confirmation along with the address of our lovely location in Berkeley.

If you have further questions please feel free to contact Victoria at 310-826-9020 or Dara Goosby at  510-384-0113.


Victoria Allen, M.A., Psychotherapist and Spiritual Mentor

Victoria has taught dream work and led dream circles for over 25 years. As a seasoned therapist and conduit to awakening, one of Victoria’s greatest passions is to assist women in discovering the Gold that lies in their dreams. She cherishes her own dream practice as her path to live life with greater awareness, freedom and joy.