Energetic Spring Cleaning

“The things surrounding you in your home serve as subliminal reminders of who you are. They will continue to direct you towards old patterns of behavior.  Subconscious beliefs are generally so deep-seated that one is not aware of them.”
— Denise Linn, Feng Shui for the Soul

The ancient art form of Feng Shui is a potent tool to keep your energy and your life vital and flowing. It teaches you that everything is connected. As you pay attention to keeping your outer environment clear and balanced, your inner world of thoughts, dreams and patterns will also clear up, and harmonize and expand your consciousness.Before you buy those 5 feng shui element candles at Target or hang crystals in your window, it is necessary to deal with the more nitty-gritty fundamentals of your home.If you want to apply a little Feng Shui magic with your spring cleaning, here are  4 suggestions to energetically enhance your home:

1. Wake up your front entrance.

This is your opening to the world and considered to be the mouth of the chi. Sweep it, water it, find a new doormat or greeter such as a flowering plant, fountain or a symbol that says YOU. And, make sure there is nothing stored behind your front door, or any door for that matter.

2. Create a calming bedroom for your sensual self, and to rest your body.

Deep sleep and a healthy sex life contribute to health and well-being. Chaos in the bedroom feeds your mind and body with chaos. Keep the area under your bed free of clutter, clear out excess books and remove the distractions of TV, computers and cell phones. Make your bedroom a soothing haven.

3. Use the potency of mirrors.

Mirrors enhance energy. What are your mirrors reflecting? If they are cutting off your head when you walk by or reflecting something unpleasant, adjust them. People often like mirrors with patterns in them or the antique mirrors that are in vogue, however they don’t offer a clear reflection in which you can see yourself clearly. Since mirrors generate energy, point them in the direction of something you want to enhance. For instance, clean out your desk and place a mirror in front of it to add energy to your work project.

4. Let It Go ~ Get Rid of it ~ Get Present to your Life NOW!

If you want to feel vital and experience your life working- CLEAR YOUR CLUTTER!  Say NO to what no longer serves you: old clothes, old projects you think you’ll get to someday, broken items, or old memories sitting around. This is a communication to the universe that you are ready and willing to shift into higher states of consciousness. Clean up, and see how much easier you can breathe!

When something needs to change in a relationship, or with our health or work, we often feel the shift coming. When I feel these transitions in my life I go to work to assist the process. I clean out and re-arrange drawers, plants and furniture. After I clear out, I heighten the chi in my home by burning sage for a few minutes in each room. Sage clears any stagnant mental emotional energy that naturally accumulates in our environment.

What might you clear out in your home this week? Check in with each object and Ask yourself:


If the answer is NO, give it away or recycle it.

I hope you are embracing the beauty of Spring and enhancing the new life that comes at this time of year by doing your spring cleaning.

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