Welcome to the Dreams Stream!

Your life is a love affair. Show up and Dream it.

Do You:

  • desire to make choices with greater ease and authenticity while letting go of fear-based patterns?
  • long to be your lightest, happiest, and most aware self?
  • lose connection with your spiritual path in the midst of a busy life?
  • ignore the powerful messages in your dream time that offer you invaluable guidance?
  • feel called to connect with women all over the country to empower your deepest nature and self-expression?

If your answer is YES, then I invite you to

Dive into the Dreams Stream with me!

True full April moon (Michigan, USA), natural isolation against black sky. 800mm lens with 2x TC and 1.5x 12MP camera sensor. 2400mm view (35mm equivalent).


Hi, I’m Victoria Allen ~ Tender of Dreams and Mentor of Minds.

I’ve helped women for over three decades dream an aware and awake life. As these women connect to their wise and powerful selves–their inner Dreamer, they let go into greater ease and expansion where joy, creativity, self-acceptance and Love come alive. Victoria Blue

From my years of working with transformational teachers, being steeped in deep yogic practices, and mining the inner guidance from my sleeping dreams, I’ve gained the depth and wisdom to dismantle the conditioning that kept me discontent and disconnected from the Love and happiness I knew was possible.

Dreaming has been my most potent and steady pathway to opening the love within me that is within all of us.

I know what it takes to be a Conscious Dreamer of life. It’s my joy and commitment to inspire and empower women to uncover the richness inside of them through this Dreaming pathway.

                                                What do you want for yourself?


Moon Goddess


Women are the dreamers, healers and creators of life. We have an incredible ability to give rise to love, regardless of the landscape or the circumstance. If our future world is to have greater peace and harmony, we women must no longer avoid our innermost truth, the wisdom of our body and emotions, and the expression of our voice and our deepest gifts.


Through inspirational teachings, writings, tele-classes, retreats, private sessions, power journeys and Dream Pods, Victoria holds a light of reflection for women to release the ways they limit themselves and open to their inner gifts and brilliance. Through her Women’s Collective Dreaming pathway, she supports women staying connected to their soul work.

“My life is so full and I forget to take time to nurture my spiritual growth. Yet, when I tap into this Collective of Dreaming Women, I remember Me. Thank You Victoria. I need this touchstone to keep me on my spiritual path.”

As she pondered this note, Victoria asked, “How I can I reach more women who need a touchstone to stay connected to their spiritual growth? How can I help women everywhere become Conscious Dreamers of their lives?”

That night she began dreaming a stream of Dreams ~ a new creation ~  called the DREAMS STREAM!


Gioielli, preziosi, perle, oro, gioielleria, anello, collana

The DREAMS STREAM is for women everywhere who are ready to remove the blocks to living a happy, authentic, love-inspired life. It’s for you if you want to connect to a  Women’s Dreaming Collective ~ a movement of women inspired to empower each other and add light to our world.

Are you Ready to receive the many Gifts of Dreaming?

  • Transition out of an unfulfilling or dead-end job into new livelihood that feeds your heart and utilizes your unique gifts.
  • Turn dissatisfaction in relationships into a focus on self-respect, and create greater connection and harmony in your relationships.
  • Release patterns that rev up stress and overwhelm to generate greater self-care.
  • Cultivate your energy to make loving choices to uplift you and enhance your life.


Everyday, women who dive in to this Dreaming pathway let go into greater ease in their lives. As these women create an inner connection with their wise and powerful selves—their Dreamer, they expand their awareness. What no longer serves them falls away and they discover greater self-expression.

The DREAMS STREAM offers practical tools for both your sleeping and waking dream. So, if you don’t easily recall your sleeping dreams, no worries! You do not need to remember your dreams to be a part of this collective. As you dive in to the DREAMS STREAM, you’ll be increasingly connected to your dreams. They will come! It happens ALL the time.  Even with the most skeptical dreamers…

The DREAMS STREAM is for you if you are living a busy life with no time to spare. You can log in to your personal dreaming portal whenever you desire. You can instantly access Practical Dreaming Tools, Inspiration to Empower You and Awareness Exercises to keep you Dreaming Yourself Awake.


Join the Women’s Dreaming Collective membership to create your life as a Conscious Dreamer.

As A Dreamer, you will

  • Perceive all life as a dream (whether awake or asleep.)
  • Know life is giving you all the tools you need to dream yourself awake.
  • Recollect who you are and what you are here to do.
  • Find greater awareness to view how you are dreaming your life.
  • Expand into greater love and clear fear-based beliefs and patterns.
  • Mine the golden messages in your dreams to uplift you and the world around you.
  • Use your waking dream as a reflection to see yourself more clearly.
  • Endeavor to dream a more peaceful world for all.
  • Know you are here to awaken to your true nature, which is Love.


What is included in your monthly subscription?

As a member, your personal DREAMS STREAM portal will be packed with new tools and guidelines on a monthly basis to empower you to develop a dream practice. You’ll receive demonstrations of how to shift your perception of reality to your inner Dreamer that knows how to dream you into an Aware – Awake life. You’ll be inspired by the teachings that guide you to Raise Your State in your waking dream. Plus a ton of extras!

You’ll be connected to our private Dream Yourself Awake Facebook page to share your dreams and connect with other dreaming women who are committed to empowering themselves.



Each month you will receive:

  • A focused monthly intention and message infusing light into our whole collective of dreamers.
  • A podcast loaded with inspirational teachings and practical tools to expand your heart and raise your energy.
  • A private Dreams Stream YouTube channel with tips to decode your sleeping dreams.
  • An e-booklet which gives you Awareness In Action Exercises to empower your waking dreamer.
  • A Dreaming Meditation aligned with our monthly intention and lesson.
  • NOTE: A special one time bonus of 10% off any Raise Your State power journey, workshop, Dream Pod or retreat. You choose how and when you apply it.


The benefits of being in the DREAMS STREAM and part of a larger

Women’s Dreaming Collective:


  • It’s like having a personal spiritual mentor! I’ll be dreaming with you in your headphones, on your computer, and over the phone — giving you the fuel you need to Dream Yourself Awake. You’ll see me on your bathroom mirror, I hope!
  • You’ll have built-in, consistent spiritual inspiration. You’ll be focused and guided gently each month to stay on track.
  • You’ll upgrade your attitude, thoughts, beliefs and dreams. Old ways of needless suffering will be replaced by actions in the direction of greater consciousness – greater love.
  • When you are down or need a boost, you’ll have other Dreamers to support you. Go to our Dream Yourself Awake Facebook page to re-connect and discover you are not alone. You’ll have other Dreaming Women who will support and champion you through your challenges and your wins.
  • A percentage of your monthly contribution to Dreams Stream will go to women’s shelters in your home town. All you need to do is email us where you live and we will do the rest.


Make Your Spiritual Practice Easily Accessible!

Dive in to the DREAMS STREAM and have it at your fingertips daily.

There are two great ways TO SIGN UP as an introductory offer:




Not sure this is for you?

Check out what Dreamers are saying:

“Victoria’s Dreaming Pod shifted my world view in a profound way. Seeing the ineffectiveness of my strategies–the way they dissipated my energy and time, the way they alienated me from others–made it possible to shed some cherished beliefs that had never worked.” ~ B. B.

“When I think about the dreaming process, I am amazed at what unfolds through the intricate untangling of details. It is never what it appears. Things that seem negative, dark or scary can actually represent the opposite. What shows up gives me a direct insight into what is present in my life right now. It is a personal neon sign. The fun part is decoding the message. And from my group experiences with dreaming, the message is often both dramatically direct and meaningful to me, and also surprisingly poignant for the other dreamers, as well. We dream for each other. It is intimate, deep, transformative work. Not to be missed!” ~ S.K.

“It was very rare for me to recall my dreams before I started dreaming with Victoria. That’s so not the case anymore! Through her teachings and insights, I have learned another language – the language of the dream time. I now know how to decode my dreams. I have been consistently blown away by what they have shown me about myself – my relationships, career path and deepest desires. By far, dreaming is now my most potent spiritual practice. It juices me up every time. And, being a part of a larger collective of women committed to diving into their innermost truth feels so amazing. Many of the dreamers are now my closest friends.” ~ V.S.

“Learning to navigate the dream world and unravel its messages has taught me how to listen and find my inner voice, to pay attention when she is speaking and follow her wisdom. Dream work has taught me to cultivate intimacy with myself, create clarity in my life, and unravel the stories and beliefs that have kept me stuck.” ~ T. M.


Let’s Do This!

Are you ready to Dream Yourself Awake and dive into the DREAMS STREAM?

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I’m ready to be your Dreaming Guide. I’m on board to support you committing to your spiritual practice. Through all the teachings, inspiration and tools you receive, look for me to keep you on track.