Speaking Dreams with Victoria

Dreaming is a potent aspect of my spiritual practice. It can become yours too. My dreams have opened doorways into realms I didn’t know existed. They’ve guided my next steps with work and creativity; shown me how to love more deeply; supported me through challenges; and illuminated unconscious beliefs and patterns.

Dreaming is not about self-improvement. It is about accessing the spiritual substance that is readily available in the dreaming state. This substance offers truth.

If you are tired of old patterns running your life or if you are ready to open to more creativity and expansion, consider initiating a dream practice. Maybe you already know there is a new way of Being that is ready to emerge, but you don’t have the clarity or oomph to get there. Your dream messages offer you that guidance. You can download my simple Dream Tips to get you started.

I help people uncover the messages in their dreams in several ways. I work privately by phone or skype or in my home office in Los Angeles. Or, if you choose, I  invite you to join one of my intimate, fun and informative Dream Pods—5 women in each Pod. During these phone classes, we share dreams and mine the gold that arises from them. We tap into the intricacies of our personal psychology, unlocking the stressful constraints of unconscious beliefs and patterning. We discover how we are off course and find direction to increased self-respect and self-care. Dreaming is a powerful practice to create more ease and peace in your life.


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