Journaling & Decoding

Creating a dream practice is an art and a practice. Capturing the energy and decoding your dream symbols brings more conscious awareness into your life. Dreams guide you to who you are as a spiritual being on a great human experience. Dreams guide you to your destiny, show you practical guidance and connect you to mystical realms.

Have you ever glimpsed a dream in the middle of the night and thought you would remember it in the morning…. only to find it has vanished? Our dream symbols are fleeting. Whether you catch them at 2 am or early morning, it is important to write them down or speak them into a recorder immediately. Or, wa-la… they will fly away!

When you do remember your dream, write it down. Keep a Dream Journal. Even if you aren’t clear about all of it, writing it down and feeling into the energy of the dream will give you more information.

A dream has three segments:

  • The presenting problem or challenge side. This is an aspect of our unconscious that is wrestling with gaining more consciousness. The issue!
  • The turning point. A turning point will be a sudden shift. You might experience it as a sudden change of scenes or feel it as an emotion. When you journal, this is the first thing to note. Tag your turning point first.
  • The solution will arrive after the turning point. Without the recognition of the turning point, the problem or challenge side of your dream may be interpreted as the solution. This can be a confusing message.
  • After you’ve written your dream and tagged the turning point, circle all the symbols and people in your dream. Circle each symbol, person or action and ask yourself:

    “What is my association with this symbol?” If it was your grandmother’s house, what happened there? If it is a particular dress or car, what is your association with that? If it is a country, what do you know or what is your association with that country? Inquire: “Why this symbol?”

    “What is my most recent association with this person?” “How is this person different than me?” “What might this person be communicating with me?”

    Look to the symbols and messages after the turning point to guide you to what you need to do to bring more conscious awareness into your life. Once you’ve done that, bring the message into your waking dream by taking some kind of action. Create a symbol of the message through any creative medium; paint a picture, dance the message, or dress the part. Speaking your dreams to a friend also makes them come alive.

    When you’ve taken the unconscious messages from your dream-time and made them conscious by applying them to your life, you will truly experience the power of dreaming.

    Warning: Finding associations in dream books won’t give you what you need. Dreams are messages from your inner self. Your dream language is based on what your association is with symbols; no one else can know this. You are your own authority.