Dream Incubation Ritual

If you want your dreams to speak to you loud and clear, make a practice of doing a dream incubation ritual two times a week. This is a direct request to your inner self, your spiritual consciousness that is always nudging you to awaken more fully to who you are and what you are here to do. Your inner self is a voice of true knowledge and it speaks to you in your dreams.

A dream incubation ritual requires that you get clear on your intention. What is it you want to know? Do you want guidance for a creative project, a troubled relationship or an issue with your body? Maybe you are interested in the next step to raise your inner state. It is necessary to write the request rather than think it in your mind!!!

Preparation for dreaming sets the stage for your nightly sojourn. Create a clean environment and clear your mind from the stress and activity of your day. Meditation, prayer and yoga are a few ways to make a sacred space for dreaming. Eat light foods and drink no alcohol. Your dream letter is the very last thing you do before sleep.

Dear Inner Self (God, Source, Universe), If it is your will, please show me in a dream tonight what you want me to know about ____________, so that I may come closer to you. Love, _____

The key is to ask “what” you need to know rather than “why” or “when” questions. Your dream symbols will give you your next step and won’t give you anything you can’t handle. Fear not, your inner self is always taking care of you.

If you have difficulty recalling your dreams, a Vitamin B supplement or a quartz crystal under your pillow will enhance your recall.

As you pay attention to your dreams they will speak louder and clearer for you. This is key to becoming a conscious dreamer.

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