24 Notes on Dreams

Your dreams are priceless riches to be mined. As you pay attention to your dreams they will pay attention to you.


  1. Dreaming is a spiritual practice that uncovers the ways we separate off from our true expansive nature.
  2. Everybody dreams 3 to 7 dreams a night.
  3. We forget about 90% of our dreams.
  4. We only see faces we already know in our dreams. That mysterious stranger is someone who is already registered in your memory bank.
  5. Not everybody dreams in color. 12% dream in black and white.
  6. Dreams are symbolic and not literal. Divorce, robbery, earthquakes or car crashes are not visions of an impending disaster.
  7. Our emotional body shows up in our dreams in the form of a women or mammalian animals.
  8. Anxiety is the most common emotion experienced in dreamsand negative emotions show up more than positive ones.
  9. Recurrent dreams act as a megaphone to get you to listen up.
  10. Erotic dreams are usually about connecting or merging with aspects of our self. Women get sexually aroused in dreams and men get erections even without erotic dreams.
  11. We don’t dream when we snore.
  12. People who became blind after birth can see images in theirdreams. People who are born blind do not see images but have vivid dreams involving sound, smell, touch and emotion.
  13. Lucid dreaming is an ability to be aware that you are dreaming while you are asleep.
  14. Truth presents itself in dreaming and later exposes itself in form.
  15. Dream symbols are a secret code based on the stored impressions in your memory bank.
  16. Death dreams are destiny dreams. They prophesy a transformation by bringing forth knowledge and information about your soul’s contract with life.
  17. Dreaming taps you into a collective consciousness where healing, collaboration and dreaming for one another can occur.
  18. Ancient cultures used intentional dreaming in their communities to make important decisions, discover where to build their temples or how to heal the sick.
  19. Wild dreams offer you an experience of your wild nature buried beneath the shackles of domestication.
  20. Everyone has mundane dreams that involve reworking things that were not done the day before.
  21. Some people hear direct auditory messages in their dreamtime.
  22. Dreaming into the greater collective consciousness is where medicine dreams, healing dreams and creative dreams inspire wholeness.
  23. Emotion held in your body blocks dreaming and prevents you from owning your power.
  24. Purposeful dreamers apply the spiritual substance found in the dreaming state to create more conscious awareness in their waking dream life.