Dreaming-ApprenticeshipWomen ~ Dream Yourself Awake

A sacred mysterious journey is ahead of You!

I invite you to join a Dreamers Apprenticeship Circle beginning October 2013. This Dreaming Apprenticeship is designed to empower you to be a conscious dreamer of your life.

Dreaming is not about self-improvement, it is about you connecting to the spiritual substance found in the dreaming state. With purposeful intent, true Dreamers go there to gain awareness.

Dreaming taps you in to your inner truth and disconnects you from beliefs and patterns that create needless suffering in your life. Dreaming is a portal that allows you to hear your inner voice more clearly. It supports you to discover why you are here and what you are here to do.

In this Dreaming Apprenticeship you will learn on a personal and collective level.

Become a Dreamer:

  • Create a dream practice
  • Increase your level of dream recall
  • Discover your unique dream language
  • Learn to decode your dreams
  • Journal to illuminate the symbols, messages and archetypes that show up
  • Execute your sleeping dream messages into your waking life
  • Unlock unconscious beliefs and blocks that make life challenging.
  • Be guided to your next steps in growth, creativity and happiness

Collectively with other Dreamers you will:

  • Harness the Power of the Collective Field
  • Support other women to become a powerful agent of change
  • Connect with mystical realms
  • Tap into intuitive nudges and ancient memories
  • Meet the powerful feminine archetypes
  • Create an empowered relationship with your feelings
  • See yourself in the mirror of other dreamers
  • Experience  the Dreamers Web that creates connection to the greater dream

    file0001772908678This DREAMING APPRENTICESHIP has shifted to 3 CIRCLES to accommodate dreamers. We will meet on the phone and calls will be recorded. These circles will begin in October.

Monday Morning, weekly at 10:30 am PST for a 4 month commitment. This includes 1 private session each month and 4 classes monthly. Cost: $240 a month

Monday Evening, every other week at 5:30 pm PST for a 4 month commitment. This includes 1 private session each month and 2 classes monthly. Cost: $180 a month

Thursday at 12 Noon PST, every week for a 4 month commitment. This includes no private sessions. Cost: $120 a month

To be included in this Dreaming Apprenticeship please email me  at victoria@raiseyourstate.com or call 310-826-9020.

Dreaming is a spiritual practice for me. For over 30 years, my dreams have illuminated realms I didn’t know existed. Through my dreams I’ve connected to that wise internal voice that has my best interest at heart. As I’ve learned to listen to this wisdom, I’ve discovered how to move more fluidly through growth and expansion. I can trust my dreams to free me up from unconscious beliefs and habits. Dreams have helped me shift patterns that weren’t working for me and shown me new ways of creating my life.

Dreams have also played a huge part in healing my body.  15 years ago I saw the diagnosis of breast cancer in a dream. I immediately went to the doctor who told me my mammogram showed I was all clear. Although, 9 months later another one confirmed what I saw in my dream-breast cancer. My dreams guided me through my healing journey. Today, I am happy to say I am healthy and happy.  My dreams inspire me in so many ways to raise my state daily.”

– Victoria Allen