Dream Circle Starting in LA

Spark Your Dreams
A Women’s 6 month Dream Circle

If you are ready to add a juicy dimension to your life, I invite you to join me in illuminating your light through the power of your dreams. Our twice monthly meetings will be informative, interactive and fun for your inner dreamer.

Dreams are a magical language packed with awareness. They shine light on the intricacies of your inner world, illuminating how rich and vast you are. Dreams uncover unconscious beliefs and habits that create challenges in your life. They guide your next steps to growth and creativity.

As food for your soul, dreams connect you with your spiritual substance–the aspect of you that is naturally connected to ease, truth and love. Through conscious dreaming you’ll tap into the mystical realms and discover that dreams are truly priceless riches to be mined.

  • Learn concrete ways to initiate, journal and decode your dreams.
  • Discover your own personal dream symbols that are specific to your history.
  • Find out how you interact in the world according to your specific character type.
  • Align with other dreamers and discover the power of collective dreaming.

We will meet in my home in Santa Monica on Monday night, 2 times monthly. Starting June 20.

Time: 6:30-8:30 pm  (may move to 7 if most people prefer)

Dates: June 29, July 13 & 27, Aug 10 & 24, Sept 7 & 21, Oct 5 & 19, Nov 2 & 16 & 30, Dec 14 (must commit to all classes unless you know ahead of time you will miss dates)

Cost: $40 per class

Class is Limited to 8 Dreamers so sign up early to reserve your space.

To be included please call me at 310-826-9020 or email victoria@raiseyourstate.com

Victoria Allen, M. A.

As a therapist and spiritual mentor, I help people mine the Gold from their dreams. Dreaming has been a valuable tool for my own spiritual practice, guiding me to uncover the unconscious to create greater consciousness.


  • Everybody dreams 3-7 dreams a night.
  • We forget about 90% of our dreams.
  • Emotion held in your body blocks dreaming and prevents you from accessing your full power.
  • Recurrent dreams act as a megaphone to get you to listen up.
  • Truth presents itself in dreaming and later exposes itself in form.
  • Dream symbols are a secret code based on the stored impressions in your memory bank.

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