Daily Inspiration Cards  SPECIAL HOLIDAY SALE


These cards will raise the spirit of the people you care about for the holidays.
Give them to your hair, nail, massage or trainer people … your office mates, customers and teachers …
and Aunt Mary will love them too!

— Purchase 3 or more for just $6 per box (retail $16.95) —

Choose a fresh intention daily by choosing one of 50 Raise Your State inspirational cards. Contemplate the quote and message on the reverse side and apply it to your day. This simple practice of awareness will expand your heart and lift your spirit. Stay connected with you!


“Intended for contemplation, these 50 beautifully written and designed cards will also work well as an oracle. With a stunning photograph and short quote on one side, and a longer message on the other, customers will find many ways to interact with them. The sturdy box, with hinged lid, makes this a terrific gift item.”      – Anna Jedrziewski, New Age Retailer

 Here’s a sampling of the cards included …

Love-Is Communicate-From
Attitude-Is Assumptions

Allow 5-7 days for delivery — $3.00 shipping & handling will be added to your order.