Cultivate Your Tribe… As Your Treasure

“Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another.” ~ Thomas Merton

Everyone has a basic need to be loved, cared about and part of someone’s life. By nature we yearn to experience a real sense of belonging. The animal kingdom is a great example of the innate need to play and commune with others. Elephants thrive in herds and follow each other over vast terrain. Dolphins frolic in pods. Connection is vital and integral to the natural flow of life.

Who are your people, your tribe? Who do you allow in to your innermost hopes and dreams, sorrows and struggles? When you melt down, spout off or act totally ridiculous, do your people still hang with you?

One of the most loyal things we can do for ourself is to cultivate connection with dear friends or family.People in our tribe are the ones that show up when we reach out and stay loyal through the bumps of life. They celebrate our special moments of joy and sit with us through the bitterest storms. They are our people we can hold space for, support and love on!

This week use your awareness to recognize who your people are. Ask yourself, how can I continue to be a blessing in their life? As we cultivate our tribe and build relationships with respect and trust, we experience true wealth, a sweet treasure.

Connection and Belonging Raise Our State.


  1. I’m honored to be on your wteisbe! Thank you for the good word : ) I can’t believe it’s a whole year away before the next retreat. I miss it already! Take care and keep in touch, Leslie


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