Courageous Loving

Smart and Sacred Tools to Repair and Renew Your Relationship


“Nothing moves without Courage ~ Nothing Transforms without Love”

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Does This Sound Like You?

You’re a smart, successful, high achieving woman who feels like most of your life is working and yet in your troubled marriage you are…

  • Tired of him going away or getting angry when you try to connect ~ feeling lonely for closeness and connection.
  • Trapped in an endless loop of the same arguments  ~ feeling lost as to how to shift this too familiar dynamic.
  • Considering an exit strategy – feeling confused and trapped.
  • Wondering where the trust and respect you once had has gone – feeling sad about your negative thoughts.
  • Looking in the mirror and saying to yourself: ”I don’t like who I’m becoming.”
  • Hopeless that your sex life is heading for a slow death ~ not feeling so sexy anymore.

Imagine how great you will feel when you no longer feel like roommates.

Imagine feeling greater trust and respect – you and him on the same team having meaningful conversations and enjoying play time.

Imagine your energy freed up from worrying whether your relationship is going to make it.

Imagine returning to the great sex life you once held special.

NOW is the time…

Between 40-50% of first marriages and 65% of second marriages end in divorce. 

Wouldn’t you like to dodge that bullet or the second or third bullet?

I teach Courageous Loving, designed to expand the heart and harmony of your relationship. Through my on-line Relationship Immersion Course you’ll be given potent tools to excavate those challenges that contribute to distance, mistrust, disrespect and tension in your relationship.

You may be asking:  “Why is it up to me?  He has things he needs to change too!” 

Here’s the good news: it takes one person to ignite a dynamic shift in a relationship system. Relationship is in the domain of women. Inherently women nurture connection and belonging. We are the way-showers in relationship. Through the potency of our feminine energy we have the capacity to open and hold a transformational space for relationships to flourish.


Why you will love it…

Courageous Loving will expand your heart and personally empower you. You’ll experience greater clarity and confidence as you put on a new love lens, take on beliefs based in truth, and shift old habits of separation to new ways of connection. I have Smart and Sacred Tools to get you there.

Mom- Blue

I’m Victoria Allen, a marriage psychotherapist for over 30 years, and I’m going to help you focus and expand the energy, heart powers and smart tools that will create lasting transformation in your relationship system.


 Clear Separating Patterns and Commit to Loving.


Employ Smart and Sacred Tools that make Relationships work.


Enhance Emotional, Physical and Sexual Intimacy.

In the past 3 decades, I’ve helped hundreds of women release the barriers to knowing, loving and respecting themselves. The result… greater compassion, open communication and increased emotional and physical intimacy in their relationships.

Shout Outs From Courageous Lovers

“Victoria’s Courageous Loving class taught me how to engage differently with my partner, specifically from a place of love and respect. In my understanding and new perspective of our dance, ultimately that helped us break some old patterns and brought us closer. We communicate better, we are more playful, I feel desired, and he feels empowered. All these things have brought new life and new love into my relationship. The biggest lesson for me at the end of this class was that in order to keep growing my relationship I have to tend to it, put it first, cultivate our dance, that keeps it rich and growing.”

LM – Yoga teacher

“I listened to my husband in ways I had not before—simply accepting what he chose to share. He started sharing more immediately and I felt how important I am to him. I realized I am probably the only one who really listens to him deeply and this felt sacred.”

RK ~ Child Psychologist

“I feel more connected to the juicy delight of partnership, polarity, love making, and intimacy. These are some of the most delicious gifts in life and I am embracing them more open-heartedly!”

WP ~ Evolutionary Astrologer

“I feel I now have a better understanding of the dance of relationship and the creature that my man is and how he operates. This has been really helpful! I’ve been finding the difference and balance between self-care and selfishness. And, I get it better now that for a relationship to be “successful”, there must be a constant return to love, commitment and forgiveness.”

AW ~ Writer

“Victoria, you have walked me through countless painful moments in relationship. For the first time, I learned to set strong boundaries and speak what is true for me in the midst of heartbreak. Through your constant reminder that “We teach people how to treat us”, you helped me understand that I have the power to create safety in relationships by not going against myself. Your teachings gave me the courage and self-trust I needed to release a relationship that was destructive to me. Thank you, Victoria!”

MH ~ Consultant

“Victoria, your wisdom and teachings are still very much appreciated and part of my life. Getting ready for this trip to Asia, I remember your words for us traveling to the pyramids of Mexico, “prepare to die”. I feel blessed with every aspect in my life today, including the unknown. I want to extend my gratitude to you for helping me along the way. Who’s counting years? Your support is timeless.”

LD  ~ Teacher

Love and Relationship Truths ~ Repair and Strengthen Your Foundation

Train your Brain for Love ~ Put On a New Love Lens and Mind Set

Create your A.R.T. ~ Empower You through the Art of Radical Self-Loyalty

Enhance your Male and Female Polarity ~ Through  the Dynamic of Opening and Presence

Communicate to Connect ~ Dissipate Distance and Create a New System of Relationship

 Commit to Conscious Compansionship ~ Deepen Emotional and Physical Intimacy

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Victoria Allen is a seasoned Marriage and Family therapist, transformational teacher and seminar leader. She and her husband Doug lead spiritual journeys all over the world and she incorporates restorative yoga with her teachings.

Victoria’s passion is to empower women to be courageous; to face themselves and how they are dreaming their life. Her signature A-R-T teachings strengthen women into greater Self-Acceptance, Self-Respect and Self-Trust, the qualities needed to release beliefs and patterns that block the innate power of Love.

She brings a strong foundation of 35 years of relationship experience to create the vast, grounded and potent teachings she brings to Courageous Loving for women.

Victoria believes that in the system of relationship, “Nothing Changes without Courage and Nothing Transforms without Love.”