If you are a woman in relationship who desires to create a more easeful, alive and sacred union with your man ~ one that gives you ground and support to fulfill what you’ve come to the planet to do . . . 

I invite you to join me in Courageous Loving 


This 12 week on-line course will give you Savvy, Smart and Sacred Tools designed to
Raise your Relationship to greater harmony and light.

Starts September 2019

“Love is the strongest force in all creation. It moves and transforms all things. When you infuse your love into a relationship, it transforms the whole. Nothing survives in the face of love; it rids  fear-based patterns that cause disconnection and reveals our potential for intimate connection.”   ~ Victoria Allen

Imagine feeling in sync with the guy you’ve chosen – most of the time!  Imagine your mutual respect, trust and values nurturing and deepening your connection.  Imagine openly communicating through challenges to feel connected on the other side. Imagine the spark between you fuels passion and true intimacy.

AND YET ~  if you’re like many women I work with, chances are this imagined reality feels ideal, and yet not easy to attain. By the time a woman calls me for an appointment, she is feeling discouraged and distraught over the condition of her relationship. Most of these women are smart, successful and the rest of their life is in good shape, and they are confused as to what has happened to the state of their relationship.

These are some of the words I hear from the women who work with me. 

  • I’m not sure I want to stay ~ feeling confused.
  • I feel trapped in the endless loop of the same arguments ~ feeling hopeless.
  • I’m tired of him going away or getting angry when I try to connect with him ~ feeling disheartened.
  • I’m exhausted from doing it all by myself ~ feeling resentful.
  • I don’t like who I’m becoming ~ feeling discouraged.
  • I’m no longer interested in having sex ~ feeling turned off.


  • I’m ready for a more conscious connection ~ yearning to grow.
  • I ache to feel open and passionate ~ does my body even remember how that feels?
  • I want to love deeply and play fully ~ hungry to feel our hearts intimately connected.

If any of these voices resonate with you, you are not alone. Studies show that at least one-third of all women in long term relationships are unsatisfied with what they are currently experiencing.

Our modern world is changing women’s roles and the dynamics of relationships are suffering more now than ever. We women have fully developed our masculine energy to stand up, be heard, compete, produce and lead. While this shift has offered so much to women feeling fulfilled, it’s been a bit of a disruption in the male/female dynamic that creates the juice and harmony in relationship. When the yin/yang within ourselves and within our relationship becomes unbalanced we lose health and happiness.

This course will support women awakening a deep and often forgotten feminine within which in turns supports the relationship. This is not the old fashioned feminine, yet an empowered balanced feminine that supports both men and women knowing when to LEAD and when to FOLLOW, how to LISTEN and how to SPEAK, how to GIVE and how to RECEIVE.  Imagine expressing the fullness of your energy to nourish you, your partner and your relationship.

What I know is this…‘what we focus on grows’. And, when an out of balanced life gets in the way of nurturing and growing our relationship, the energy dissipates and we lose the connection we once had.  With modern day stressors, is there any wonder that divorce rates are between 40-50% for first marriages? I’ve been one of those statistics and I don’t want that for you or for me again. This is why I’ve dedicated my work to discover and create the Sacred Tools that smart women use to keep their relationships alive.  These tools arise out of a commitment to Courageous Loving!

As a women taps into the transformational power of her feminine energy and learns true relationship smarts, she shifts the energetic dynamic, moving the relationship to a greater field of love. Imagine greater connection, respect, trust and intimacy becoming a true reality for you.  


If your relationship could use an over-haul, this course will show you the nitty gritty foundational tools to go from surviving to thriving.

If your relationship is ripe for a tune-up to greater aliveness, this course will offer you the juicy stuff to infuse you with the light to ignite. 

I invite you to join me and a group of soulful women who are committed to cultivating greater love within their relationship. We will explore and apply the Sacred Tools of Courageous Loving in a confidential space. This course will be informative, interactive, fun and expansive.

Might you like to feel your heart Deeply Cherished while your guy is Empowered and Present?



  • Shift your mindset to truly see relationship as a path to growth.
  • Enhance the energy polarity with your man to spark chemistry and passion.
  • Engage your greatest transformational power and stop sacrificing yourself.
  • Learn the distinct differences in the ways men and women think, speak, process and act.
  • Recognize unconscious relationship agreements you may be holding.
  • Polish your love lens to view you and your man from a greater field of light.
  • Identify how your inner male may be derailing your man’s presence and respect. (You want this!)
  • Cultivate the feminine language that dissipates tension and conflict.
  • Eliminate the 6 toxic poisons that kill intimacy.
  • Strengthen the foundational pillars that fortify a healthy relationship.


If you crave a deeper level of intimacy and connection with your man, or if you are ready to take your relationship to the next level . . .

I invite you to join me in learning these Sacred Tools that will ground you into the nuts and bolts that all relationships need to thrive.


Classes include: Inspiration, Content, Sharing, Exercises and Fun

 Meetings will be on a zoom line for 12 group calls over 4 months – Sept to Dec (recorded)

You’ll feel a safe space to share yourself as all parts of this class are confidential.


Two Classes Offered: Wednesdays at 12 noon and 6:00 pm  PST for 75 minutes:

Sept 4,11,25 ~ Oct 2,9,23 ~ Nov 6,13,20 ~ Dec 4,11, 18

$185 per month or $710 paid in full up front.


Your non-refundable deposit of $100 will hold your space for one of 10 available spaces.

Venmo deposit to VictoriaAllen@blisskisser or send through paypal to victoria@raiseyourstate.com

Questions or Concerns?  Call me at 310-826-9020 or email victoria@raiseyourstate.com

Or via Venmo: use VictoriaAllen@blisskisser


“Victoria’s Courageous Loving class taught me how to engage differently with my partner, specifically from a place of love and respect. In my understanding and new perspective of our dance, ultimately that helped us break some old patterns and brought us closer. We communicate better, we are more playful, I feel desired, and he feels empowered. All these things have brought new life and new love into my relationship. The biggest lesson for me at the end of this class was that in order to keep growing my relationship I have to tend to it, put it first, cultivate our dance, that keeps it rich and growing.” L.L.M.

“I listened to my husband in ways I had not before—simply accepting what he chose to share. He started sharing more immediately and I felt how important I am to him. I realized I am probably the only one who really listens to him deeply and this felt sacred.” ~ R.K.

“I feel more connected to the juicy delight of partnership, polarity, love making, and intimacy. These are some of the most delicious gifts in life and I am embracing them more open-heartedly!” ~ J.O.

“I feel I have a better understanding of the dance of relationship and the creature that my man is and how he operates. This has been really helpful! I’ve been finding the difference and balance between self-care and selfishness. And, I get it better now that for a relationship to be “successful”, there must be a constant return to love, commitment and forgiveness.” ~ A. L.

“After attending Courageous Loving, I noticed a difference in myself and my relationship immediately. I honestly feel like I have a new magical power! The improvements in myself and my partner are obvious and instant, and I am more aware than I have ever been. Thank you Victoria” ~ M.H.


Hi There,  I’m happy you are here and I’ll share a bit about me.

Relationship has been my growing ground and strongest spiritual pathway. Through 30 years of relationships I’ve learned and developed Sacred Tools that deepen and grow relationships.  While some part of my domesticated self would like to tout a 35 year successful marriage, I do not hold that badge.

Yet, it is through the trials of love, the errors of my choices, my faulty beliefs and damn hard heartbreaks, that I’ve engaged the courage it takes to continue to return to love over and over again. I’ve learned how to take care of me, while honoring, respecting and holding space for relationship to flourish at the same time.

I’m educated as a Marriage and Family Therapist, experienced as a retreat leader, tender of the dreamtime and a restorative yoga teacher. My years of experience in the realms of expanded consciousness add to the relationship medicine I offer today.

Through my journey to experience my true nature as love,  I’ve opened to allow a loving, loyal man into my life. Doug and I have been together for 18 years. We’ve been powerful mirrors for one another as we’ve moved through the trials that all relationships go through. We’ve taught each other how to bring love to the unhealed and unseen places. In our commitment to grow and evolve our consciousness, we’ve developed a strong ground of mutual respect and trust.  This has allowed us to merge into a dynamic relationship that sustains passionate intimacy and continued growth.

What I’d love all women to know is that we carry the innate power, in fact we are hard-wired, for connection, relationship and healing. It is our nature that has the capacity to heal the injustice and inequality, within us, our relationships and our world.

If you choose to take this journey with me, I trust you to apply the tools and test them out in your relationship. I suspect you’ll be wowed by the power you truly have to create space for transformation.

Let’s do this!


Or via Venmo: use VictoriaAllen@blisskisser