If You’re a Women In Relationship Who’s Ready to

Take Your Relationship to Greater Connection and Intimacy

I have tools in hand to take you there!


Imagine feeling in sync with the guy you’ve chosen – most of the time!  Your mutual respect and values makes you great friends as you support each other’s mind,  emotions and heart.  You openly communicate with each other;  honesty, listening and vulnerability fuel your connection.  The spark between you burns brightly and draws you two into aliveness and intimacy – most of the time!

AND YET… if you’re like many women I work with who are in relationship, chances are this feels ideal and yet not easy. Instead of having a deep connection with your guy, some degree of disconnection or discontent has creeped into your relationship since you first fell in love with one another.

These are some of the words I hear from the women who work with me. 

  • I feel trapped in the endless loop of the same arguments ~ feeling hopeless.
  • I’m tired of him going away or getting angry when I try to connect with him ~ feeling disheartened.
  • I’m exhausted from doing it all by myself ~ feeling resentful.


  • I’m ready for a more conscious connection with my man ~ yearning to grow.
  • I ache to feel open and passionate ~ where did the spark go?
  • I want to draw my man in closer – hungry to feel our hearts intimately connected.

Do any of these resonate with you?

If so, you’re in good company. Studies show that at least one-third of all women in long-term relationships are unsatisfied with what they are currently experiencing.

I suspect these women miss  feeling like their man treasures their heart and is present and supportive.

I imagine these women don’t feel relaxed, trusting and open with their man. 


What I know is this: 

Women carry the power to transform relationship through the practices of Courageous Loving.

Courageous Loving supports women to access their heart, wisdom and power to raise the state of their relationship. And, if you are wondering…it takes one person shifting the energetic dynamic of relationship to move both partners toward growth, greater understanding and connection.

If you are called to rise up in Love, I invite you to join me to learn the Art of Courageous Loving in just 6 coaching sessions. 

I will teach you how to:

  • Implement the #1 priority that transforms you and your relationship.
  • Clean your love lens so you will clearly see how men and women think, speak and act differently.
  • Use your energy wisely to boost him up, so he meets you and the relationship with greater presence. (You want this!)
  • Communicate through specific practices designed to pull your man into greater connection and presence with you.
  • Create confident intimate connection through touch, words and actions that ignite passion.
  • Form the primary guidelines that make your relationship a conscious container for growth.
  • Corral your productive and capable inner male when you’re with your man. (Yep, this supports true intimacy and greater passion)
  • Dissipate the 5 relationship toxins and 3 roadblocks that cause separation, perpetuate unhappiness and kill intimacy.
  • Grow the top priority you must put in place to keep your man cherishing your heart and the relationship.

If you crave a deeper level of intimacy and connection with your man, or if you are ready to take your relationship to the next level…


I invite you to join me in learning these magical skills by grounding into the nuts and bolts that all relationships need to thrive.


SIGN UP for a 6 Personal one-on-one sessions. Cost: $900 

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Shout Outs to Loving  

“Victoria’s Lean into Loving class taught me how to engage differently with my partner, specifically from a place of love and respect. It my perspective and understanding of our dance and ultimately that helped us break some old patterns and brought us closer. We communicate better, we are more playful, I feel desired, and he feels empowered. All these things have brought new life and new love into my relationship. The biggest lesson for me at the end of this class was that in order to keep growing my relationship I have to tend to it, put it first, cultivate our dance, that keeps it rich and growing.” L.L.M.

“I listened to my husband in ways I had not before—simply accepting what he chose to share. He started sharing more immediately and I felt how important I am to him. I realized I am probably the only one who really listens to him deeply and this felt sacred.” ~ R.K.

“I feel more connected to the juicy delight of partnership, polarity, love making, and intimacy. These are some of the most delicious gifts in life and I am embracing them more open-heartedly!” ~ J.O.

“I feel I have a better understanding of the dance of relationship and the creature that my man is and how he operates. This has been really helpful! I’ve been finding the difference and balance between self-care and selfishness. And, I get it better now that for a relationship to be “successful”, there must be a constant return to love, commitment and forgiveness.” ~ A. L.

“After attending Courageous Loving, I noticed a difference in myself and my relationship immediately. I honestly feel like I have a new magical power! The improvements in myself and my partner are obvious and instant, and I am more aware than I have ever been. Thank you Victoria” ~ M.H.


Victoria Allen, M.A., is a marriage and family therapist, retreat leader, dream tender, yin yogi and co-founder of Raise Your State.

For over 3 decades she has empowered women around the globe to extinguish menacing fears and shed limiting beliefs, so they are able to bring forth their courageous and radiant love into relationships.

She believes that women carry the transforming power to introduce fierce self-love into their lives, make loving choices, and courageously cultivate fulfilling and intimate relationships.

With decades of experience and study with some of the world’s greatest spiritual masters and healers – including Don Miguel Ruiz (Best-selling author of The Four Agreements®) – she brings a wealth of expertise and experience to help women access the Courageous Love that is already inside of them.