Courageous Heart Warriors

“Courage is the most important virtue because without
courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without Courage.”

~ Maya Angelou<br><br>

Sit back…enjoy a cappuccino, a green tea, a delicious juice, or your favorite wine with me.<br><br>

I’ll share with you how courageous Raise Your State dreamers and heart warriors perform downright bravery every day.<br><br>

Most of us take mini leaps of faith every day without even realizing it. We make a choice to tell a hard truth to a friend, not knowing how that might impact the relationship. We see a new doctor about a symptom, not knowing where we might end up. We go for our dream, putting comfort at risk. Taking simple actions every day to meet life requires courage.

Today, I’ll show you examples of what it takes to build inner strength and character. These actions came from courageous people committed to unwinding their unconscious programming. These heart warriors have gained awareness of how fear blocks their aliveness and are making choices to act in spite of fear. I’ve witnessed their trepidation or all out fear as they’ve stepped out of what is comfortable and chosen to follow their deepest values over staying safe.

Meet these Courageous Souls ~ Choosers of Love

I honor you champions and feel blessed to be on this journey with you.

* I let go of doing something I love, and that I’m good at, and that others appreciate, because the energy isn’t there anymore and it doesn’t fit my current life.

* I stopped hiding behind my credentials and instead spoke from my heart.

* I allowed myself to open and move through a tremendous amount of loss, grief and guilt. I just allowed the grief to come and sat with my vulnerability.

* I guided my lover through my sexual preferences and we’ve become closer.

* I saw a theme loud and clear. I found that if I allowed myself to watch my world unfold, something presented itself on a daily basis that required me to be courageous. Sometimes it was just forgiving myself, sometimes it was only witnessing myself, sometimes it was speaking up for myself.

* I chose to sign up for a training class so I could take another step towards my new career.

* I really became aware of how I needed to set clearer boundaries by saying what I need. I was able to act in some cases and in some cases I was only able to witness myself. This is progress.

* I apologized to an acquaintance of mine for my unaware and disruptive act. I had wanted to make this apology for about 2 weeks but had not summoned the courage. When I finally did, I felt clear and finished; he said he did not remember the incident.

*  I resigned my directorship position that was no longer serving me.

*  I knew my silent resentment was killing me inside. I finally saw how my fears were costing me and my marriage.  I began speaking to my partner about money and sex.

* I finally admitted my transgressions to my partner. I knew I needed to do the right thing as I was dying inside. I finally let go of a relationship where we had both stopped growing and communicating with each other.

* I keep turning myself away from an addictive impulse.

* I had become a tyrant to my family and the people I work with. My wife was depressed and my kid was in trouble. I finally saw how my need to be in control was affecting everyone around me. Little by little I’m facing those old demons running me.

* I’ve stopped blaming others and can see I’ve been hurting myself.

* I restrained myself from blurting out a mean spirited attack against my wife. The courageous part was the considering of my intent.

* I asked for what I wanted without attachment, yet being committed!

* I brought my open heart and compassion to be a witness to a friend who was stuck in victim stance.

* I faced inward to my fear of being a victim, vulnerable and out of control. And then I shared that fear with others.

* I painfully ended a three-year relationship that was dragging me down. Going through that hard time has freed me up and I wish I would have had the courage to do it sooner.

* I acknowledged to others my addiction to intensity at work and now I have people who can support my breaking this addiction.

* I applied for a private health insurance after being denied from another. I hesitated to apply again for fear of another rejection or not getting insurance at all, yet I persevered and got my insurance.

* I reached out and asked for help with no self-judgment. This is huge for me.

* I’ve begun speaking up instead of staying quiet. I’m willing to ask questions now.

* I’m working with a change in a trust. I’m dealing with the finances even knowing there could be unpleasant repercussions from family.

* I’m learning to ‘be’ rather than needing to ‘do’ something more productive.

* I told my current workplace how much I loved them and loved working there, and asked them if anything had changed with my lay off date. They said yes, the schedule had changed and they wanted to extend my work. (My usual way of being around this would have been to assume that the schedule hadn’t changed and wait for them to ask me. I was proactive and it paid off!)

* I spoke up to my family member about how what she said had hurt and she was genuinely sorry.

* I’m telling people how their actions are affecting me without blame. My victim-stance is dying an over-due hard death.

* I wrote a “Cease and Desist” letter after many years of trying to find some other way of dealing the situation.

* I’ve committed to starting to make a living with my creative talents.

* I’m willing to be in unknown spaces with more ease, recognizing I really need to let go of my need to be in control of everything.

* I ignored the habitual voice that says “this is not what I want”—hundreds of times. I need to get over this one.

* I told a friend “no” even though I feared it would hurt her feelings.  And I stuck to it even when she reacted negatively.

* I’m shifting away from pleasing people or saying what I think someone else wants to hear to speaking up for myself, being more honest. (And being more honest with myself.)

* I recognized that the people, particularly adults, in my life who have always had everything figured out and are always in control, can get sick, are fragile and require care.

* I finally recognized the magnitude and the power that my mind has had over me.

* I made a significant request of my employer that will give me a big push towards taking a step for my goals.

* I intentionally looked for ways to express myself more effectively with my wife.

* I faced jealousy with the woman I love and told the truth. This only brought us closer.

 Don’t you just love these humans? I DO!

* And for me, I’ve been hurt, rejected, abandoned and judged…and I’ve stopped hurting, rejecting, abandoning and judging me. My victim-stance and story have died.  My experience of life is my responsibility. Heartbreak has opened my heart and for this I am grateful.

It’s the small courageous acts we take every day that Raises Our State. What mini-step might you take this week to move through your fear and amp up your Courage?


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