A Master Class for Women in Relationships


  • Shift your mindset to truly see relationship as a mirror for your growth.
  • Engage your greatest transformational power and stop sacrificing yourself.
  • Learn the distinct differences in the ways men and women think, speak, process and act.
  • Enhance the energy polarity with your man to spark sensual and sexual connection.
  • Recognize unconscious relationship agreements that cause suffering.
  • Polish your love lens to view you and your man from a greater field of light.
  • Identify how your inner male may be derailing your man’s presence and respect. (You want this!)
  • Cultivate the feminine language that dissipates tension and conflict.
  • Eliminate the 6 toxic poisons that kill intimacy.
  • Strengthen the foundational pillars that fortify a healthy relationship.


JOIN THIS MASTER CLASS IN RELATIONSHIP to learn these Sacred Tools ~ the nuts and bolts that all relationships need to thrive.