Bless Your Growth Buddies

The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.” – Chinese Proverb

Most everyone has one, or a few, of those people who get under your skin, annoy, and irritate you, or the ones who cause you to recoil or react. Do you know someone who consistently pushes your buttons or tests your limits?

Most of us would rather not deal with people who stimulate chronic frustration and annoyance in our life. We’d rather have them go away, or at the very least, change their behavior. Yet, if they are going to stick around why not learn to respect them for who they are and how they operate, and at the same time view them as your Growth Buddies? Why not take the medicine that they offer you?

Growth Buddies are mirrors to help us see ourselves more clearly. They shine light that opens our awareness as to how we meet and respond to life.Very often our Growth Buddies stimulate the dark angels of negativity and reaction in us. Catching our reactions, we can then use this awareness to make a wiser choice… to respond. Shifting from the carelessness of reaction to the purposeful expression of response Raises Our State.

Through the insights gained from these Growth Buddies we can learn to manage our most precious commodity – our life force.

Growth Buddies show us:

1. The ways our mind reacts with negativity rather than respond with clarity and heart.
2. How to strengthen our self-respect through setting healthy boundaries.
3. The wounds they touch in our mind, so we can heal them with greater compassion.
4. Our limited, rigid or righteous lack of respect for other people’s choices.
5. How not to take things personally.
6. How to c ommunicate directly, clearly and honestly.

A Growth Buddy can be seen as a gift for your transformation or as a noose around your neck. You can loosen that noose when you accept the gift, learn from it and set yourself free.

Inventory your Growth Buddies:

What are they teaching you?

How can you respond to them rather than react?

Is there a question, a request or a communication that you need to offer more directly?

Is there a clear boundary you could set that would shore up your life force?

When you appreciate the value of your Growth Buddies you grow inner strength. In sometimes challenging ways, they expand your Patience, encourage your Gentleness and teach you the virtue of Respect. Embodying these Brilliant Heart Powers is what ultimately Raises Your State.

Why not Bless your Growth Buddies this week? Silently thank them for the ways they point you to your strength.

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