Are YOU called to Renew You?

I used to think times of retreat were a luxury. I’d leave home to travel to some far off land and let go of my everyday responsibilities for short time. It was just for me to take care of me. Such luxury!

My first spiritual journeys with Miguel were delicious, expanding and fun. I made new friends, gained greater awareness and always felt the deepening inside. These retreats quenched my spiritual thirst and I’d come home renewed and somehow changed inside.

After a few retreats, I began to recognize that spiritual retreat was not just a luxury; but had become a necessity for me. Leaving the energy field of my everyday world to tap into a more expanded energy field continued to transform me. Faulty beliefs and habits that no longer served me fell away and my heart kept opening wider.

Currently, my husband Doug, and I lead spiritual journeys to sacred sites around the world because we know the value of connecting to the deep energies they offer. We bring our individual gifts of energy healing, meditation, yoga, heart and ancient teachings to our groups. We invite you to come with us.

If you are thirsty to live with more ease and peace…

If you are up for unwinding the body and mind tension that creates stress…

If you are ready to explore you and have fun at the same time…

WE INVITE YOU to join us on one of our 2015 Raise Your State Retreats.

People arrive on our journeys with an intent for spiritual deepening. Dreams and challenges are shared, illumination is sparked, and lives are changed. On every trip we’ve taken, fast friends are made almost immediately, and kept long after we return home. Travel alone, is mind expanding and invigorating, but when you add the energies of sacred sites, yoga and meditation, great connections and a space to explore your inner awareness, you get the real gold; more of yourself.

Bring out your calendar and make a plan to join us.

Raise Your State Journeys offer 3 Spiritual Retreats in 2015.

India and Thailand
India Feb 6-15 and/or Thailand 15-22

We invite you to join our pilgrimage and deepen your spiritual practice in the sacred land of Rishikesh, India, considered to be the birthplace of yoga. If you choose, continue with us to the warm tropical island of Koh Mak, Thailand, to rejuvenate your spirit through yoga, meditations, dreams and the immense power of the sea. This retreat is almost full. For more information:

Pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico ~ July 30-Aug 4, 2015

We invite you to take a deep dive into your heart where you make contact with your own truth and sweetness. The heightened energy of this potent earth vortex clears the veils that cloud the mind. Here, you have ability to shift to expanded awareness, seeing more clearly the ways you dream your life. You discover new choices to remedy what’s not working for you and see new possibilities to expand in to more of you. Find more information here:

Mar De Jade, Mexico ~ November 7-14, 2015
Yoga, Dreams and Meditation Rejuvenation Retreat

This Gentle You retreat is delicious. At the exquisite Mar De Jade resort you will be taken care of on every level of your being. You will enjoy restorative yoga (all body types and ages) dreams, meditation, ocean breezes, tropical weather, soulful music, play and healthy organic cuisine. If you are ready for a reprieve from the stresses and responsibilities of everyday life, join us to rejuvenate you. This retreat will most likely fill up early.

Read what people are saying:

“My time with Victoria and Doug in the tranquil paradise of Mar de Jade shifted my perspective from gloom to bloom. A deep appreciation and love for myself was born in me and reflected back through the eyes of a handful of beautiful friends I made on my journey. I am forever grateful for this transformational experience.” V. S.

“I am SO happy that I took the plunge to go to Teo! What an inspiring journey! Thank you so much, Victoria, for your earthy presence, for your generosity in sharing your wisdom and gifts with us, and for allowing each of us to become and to be who we are. I came home with a renewed sense of my place in my universe and all the love I have to give! The beauty (inside and out) of each of us, the power and beauty of Teo, the nurturing care of our hosts, the laughter, tears, sharing, spontaneous rituals, and the incredible wedding ceremony on the top of the Sun will always be with me!” J.L.

“My mind can’t wrap itself around what happened to me in Teotihuacan. All I know is that since that time, I’ve experienced being more patient with my kids and less reactionary. I’m not so hard on myself. You guys sure know how to have fun too.” L.S.

“Since my last trip to Mexico with Victoria and Doug, fear, at least as the tyrant of my life, is gone.” B.F.

Plan your 2015 retreat time now. If you’d like to have a conversation with me to see if any of our retreats are a fit for you, please call me at 310-826-9020 or shoot me an email at:

“When you begin unraveling your core tensions from tail to top, it isn’t just your body that is changing. Your mind begins to unravel as well.”
~ Rama Berch, Master Yoga Academy

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