8 Dream Tips

 “The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind.”   Sidmund Freud

8  Dream Tips

Has a dream ever rocked your world? Are you haunted by a recurrent dream that keeps nudging you to wake up to its message? Pay attention!

Dreams are a magical language packed with awareness. They shine light into the intricacies of your inner world, illuminating how rich and vast you are. Dreams uncover unconscious beliefs and habits that create challenges in your life. They guide your next steps to growth and creativity. Light from your soul, dreams connect you to the mystical realms.

Like guests to a party, dreams have to be invited, and then treated well. Here are 8 ways to tend your dreams:

1. Before going to sleep, write down a dream assignment. Like priming the pump, you are asking your inner self to speak into your dreamtime.

“Dear Inner Self, Thank you for everything. If it is your will, please show me in a dream tonight how to come closer to you.”

2. Linger in bed in the morning, lie still and keep your eyes closed as you recall the symbols, emotions and intuitive messages from your dreams. Oh no, not alarms!

3. Keep a journal next to your bed and record your dreams as soon as you are aware of them. They leave in a flash, so it’s important to record them immediately.

4. Don’t judge your dreams. They speak in metaphor and images. As with any language, dream language takes time to learn.

5. Don’t take your dreams too literally. If you dream that you slept with someone other than your spouse, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are headed for divorce.

6. Value your dreams. They are messages from your inner self that knows what you need to be happy.

7. Make note of each symbol or person in your dream. Ask yourself, ‘What is my association with this symbol or person? How is it pertinent to what is going on in my life now?’

8. Give your dream a name, share it and take action to integrate your dream messages into your waking world.

It is a bold and beautiful step to take on a dream practice and face the unconscious aspects of our self. Yet, when we have the courage to listen to what our dreams tell us, we grow in ways that we never could have imagined. We begin to see more clearly the transformational process of our life. Our life takes on a new dimension that is rich and magical.

Creating a dream practice is a direct and potent way to Raise Your State.

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